Ahmaud Arbery Files

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This post will service as a collection point for my various posts on the Ahmaud Arbery case, in order to have a single location where people can find those collected works. I’ll plan to update it each time I produce new substantive content on the case. Content will be listed here in reverse chronological order.

It is our intent to leave this content outside our usual members-only firewall for some time, given the public interest in this case. Our normally scheduled self-defense law blog posts, videos, and podcasts will remain members-only, on our usual lock-down schedule.

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Ahmaud Arbery Files

Felony Murder Based on Attempted False Imprisonment: May 22, 2020

Arbery Shoplifting Video: May 20, 2020

Propaganda Photos, §1983, & Cop Video: May 19, 2020

Arrest Warrants: May 18, 2020

Legal Insurrection: The Ahmaud Arbery Case as Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin Redux

Color of Law: May 17, 2020

Citizens Arrest, Part 2: May 15, 2020

For Your Consideration: May 14, 2020

Legal Analysis: Use of Force: May 13, 2020

GA Citizens Arrest Law: May 12, 2020

After Action Analysis: May 6, 2020

News/Q&A: April 30, 2020


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6 thoughts on “Ahmaud Arbery Files”

  1. I think talking about the Arbery case confuses people that don’t understand that the case you are talking about is the State v McMichael case. A lot of people seem to think that what Arbery was actually doing in fact or what his actual intent was when he entered the home is relevant to the McMichael case. They also seem to think Arbery’s state of mind when he attacked McMichael is relevant to the McMichael case. I think you need to do a whole post explaining to people that Arbery is not being charged with an offense and what he actually did, or what his intent in doing it was, is immaterial in the McMichael case. I think you should also explain that the only thing that is material or relevant in the McMichael case is what Travis McMichael did, at what point in time Travis McMichael did what he did, and what his reasonable belief was at the time that he did it. Not that you haven’t already done this in your other posts, but assembling it all together in one post that only concerns this one topic might help those who do not understand the law understand that what Arbery did at the house, and what he thought that he was doing when he attacked Travis McMichael, is immaterial and irrelevant.

    1. If indeed there were a NO TRESPASSING SIGN on England’s house, It surely would have been relevant if Arbery trespassed. But as of yet I have not seen a claim one way or the other.

  2. jon_saxon@yahoo.com

    New developments indicate that Arbery may have been struck by the car driven by the 3rd defendant who made the video. This provides some possible reason for running past the truck and moving toward the man with the shotgun. I don’t think it is a smart move but it is one of those decisions people make in 1/2 second which often don’t work well.

    Does this new information change anything related to the prosecution of the 3 defendants, and if so, how?

    1. Is it that the pick-up struck Arbery, or Arbery struck the pick-up, & wasn’t the mark on the truck rather trivial? I think the claim of Roddy was that Arbery tried to enter his truck! We wait to see if the Grand Jury votes a True Bill or No Bill. It is Glynn County. The local DA already exonorated McMichaels. The Grand Jury is chosen at random & it takes on 6 votes of 16 for No Bill.

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