Twitter-Proved: CNN Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin’s Wager is PAST DUE

Ah, the wonders of Twitter, and the evidentiary bread-crumb trail it inevitably leaves in its wake.
As previously discussed in my post here, The Wager Sunny Hostin Refuses to Honor, as well as a similar post over at Legal Insurrection, CNN analyst welches on bet after Andrew Branca wins “Stand-Your-Ground” Debate, CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin wagered $100 with me at the recent UC Berkeley Law School debate on SYG (which I won, thank you, very much), whereupon she promptly refused to pay up the next day.

To continue the fun, I thought I’d share with all the brief email exchange between Sunny and myself, up to the point she turns tail and runs cowardly away from her wager obligation.  So, here goes.

AB1 settle up wager

AB2 offer proof or conceded

AB3 how much time?

AB4 forward to hearing

AB5 operator audio

SH 11 followed

AB7 irrelevant

Told not to follow

AB6 dispatch do not order

SH depot told not to follow

(I would note, as an aside, that even the tiny portion of the deposition appended by Sunny actually presents evidence that it was Trayvon Martin who confronted George Zimmerman–“the suspect [Trayvon]emerged from the darkness”–NOT that George Zimmerman confronted Tayvon Martin.  That’s some lawyering, Sunny.)

AB wasnt wager

person responsible is Trayvon

AB8 absolutely


AB9 changing subject

Surprised invited

AB13 you conceded?


AB show evidence

And then in her final act of intellectual cowardice in this exchange, Sunny runs away from her wager obligation.

Given your history

That’s a hell of a legal analyst you have there, CNN.  No wonder the vast majority of your feeble ratings come from airport waiting areas.

@mav128 hit the nail right on the head when he observed, sarcastically, that:

Mav128 racist is winning

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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