OnlyFans Killer Mini-Trial: Key Testimony! | Courtney Clenney (2/5)

In today’s show we cover the Courtney Clenney Arthur hearing testimony of the lead investigator, Detective Brecino. Specifically, we cover Brecino’s cross-examination by Defense Counsel Frank Prieto.


This week we’re covering “OnlyFans Killer” Courtney Clenney, who on April 3, 2022 killed her boyfriend Christian Obumseli with a knife in their Miami apartment. Obumseli suffered a single knife wound to the chest.

Clenney would tell investigators that the much larger and heavier Obumseli was a domestic abuser, and had pinned her to the wall by her throat and thrown her to the ground. She somehow managed to escape, move 10 feet away, grab a small kitchen knife, and toss it in his direction.

That knife managed to penetrate Obumseli’s chest, severing carotid arteries, and quickly leading to his death from massive blood loss.

Although investigators initially perceived the event as an act of self-defense, they quickly began to suspect otherwise. Much evidence emerged that Clenney had been a violent abuser in the relationship–indeed, it seemed that she had previously stabbed Obumseli on an earlier occasion, simply because she was angry that he had stayed late to watch the overtime of a football game. There also emerged video of Clenney attacking Obumseli with her fists in an elevator.

Ultimately Clenney was charged with second degree malice murder by Florida prosecutors, and she is in jail awaiting trial on that charge today.

In late 2022 Clenney sought pre-trial release, offering to stay under house arrest with her parents in Texas. Florida prosecutors disagreed, and a motion was filed for an Arthur hearing. This is a Florida-specific hearing that is essentially a mini-trial, in which prosecutors have to prove by a strong presumption that the defendant is likely to be convicted at trial (Phase 1) as well as that the defendant is a flight risk if released (Phase 2).

The Arthur hearing was held on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, and Thursday, November 17, 2022, with key testimony primarily from the lead investigator and the medical examiner on those two days, respectively. Spoiler: On December 8, 2022, the hearing judge would ultimately deny pre-trial release. Nevertheless, the testimony of these witnesses provides us with insight into how the evidence is likely to be presented at the actual trial.

Over the next few Law of Self Defense shows I will be working our way through those two days of Arthur hearings and testimony.


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No transcript today, as the show is mostly watching the court video.

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  1. Terry Leatherwood

    Christian Obumseli should have paid more attention to the lyrics of the old Robert Palmer song:

    “A pretty face don’t make no pretty heart
    I learned that, buddy from the start….

    Doctor, doctor give me the news
    I’ve got a bad case of lovin’ you
    No pill’s gonna cure my ill
    I’ve got a bad case of lovin’ you”

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