News/Q&A Show: Dec. 3, 2020

Welcome to this episode of our ONLY open-access content, our weekly News/Q&A Show. A transcript of the show is available below my signature, for those who prefer to read rather than view. Also, Law of Self Defense Members can access the show in audio form in the members-only Law of Self Defense Podcast.

In today’s News/Q&A Show for December 3, 2020 we touched on a broad range of questions submitted for the show, as well as questions submitted live, including:


  • Minnesota Prosecutor Fears Courtroom Cameras During George Floyd Trials
  • White woman arrested after pointing gun at two black boys riding their bicycles
  • Rittenhouse attorney [John Pierce] says judge granted request to be allowed on case


  • Consequences if I legally concealed carry in establishment with “no concealed carry” sign on door?
  • What documentation to ensure not arrested for AR pistol with arm brace being mistaken for short-barreled rifle?
  • Likelihood that Second Amendment lawsuits against NJ will win?
  • Thoughts on popular YouTube video, “Never Talk to the Police”?
  • Impact of defunded police and lengthened response times on legal duty of Avoidance?
  • Man forcibly, unlawfully entering home with knife: Non-deadly 12 gauge round or slug?

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A transcript of the show is available below my signature, for those who prefer to read rather than view. Also, Law of Self Defense Members can access the show in audio form in the members-only Law of Self Defense Podcast.

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