Motorcycle: Andrew’s Tour Through Eastern Europe

Hey folks,

I’ve had a lot of people asking about my recent two-week motorcycle tour of Eastern Europe. Rather than address everyone’s similar comments and questions individually, I’ll just say that it was awesome, and I’ll share with you the <30 minute video I made of photographs from the trip, that I’d intended for family and friends–because, we are after all a Law of Self Defense family, as well.



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  1. Last time I was in Dresden all the pieces of Holy Trinity were labeled and stacked in groups in the square waiting to be reassembled. Nice to see the finished product. I spent a summer in Hungary during college. Budapest is probably one of the top 3 most beautiful cities in Europe.

    Great video. Looked like an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing… oh, an incidentally, I too thought the Sacher Torte was too dry.

  2. Great trip, glad you’re back safe (we need you😀). Can you post a link for tour company who arranged that trip? I’ve been a “biker” for a long time . Would love to make that trip around Europe.

  3. Andrew, thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I enjoyed every photo and video. I loved your photography. Did you shoot these fantastic photos with a cell phone and meter stick? Some looked like you had a wide-angle lens. Kindly comment on your camera (or cell phone type) and any work you may have done in Photoshop, etc. Again, thank you for sharing your vacation with all of us. GB, Mike DiGirolamo

    1. Attorney Andrew Branca

      Just shot them with my 3 or 4 year old iPhone 11 Pro Max, and a somewhat fancy selfie stick. I did note that some of the other riders with newer phones, mostly Androids, got nicer photos, but I don’t know if that’s because of better technique or simply that they are better photographers (maybe used filters, I don’t know, not that into it). I don’t do any post-photo processing, other than perhaps some cropping–no color correction, no filters, no PhotoShop. Nothing against those things, I’m just ignorant of them. Oh, there were a few photos included that were NOT mine, taken by other riders, particularly if they were of landscapes–those are probably the most eye catching ones.

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