More USCCA/Alan Colie Controversy!

Today I react to two YouTube videos about the USCCA/Alan Colie controversy that seem to come to opposite conclusions!


Tom Grieve: Alan Colie Speaks: USCCA Never Dropped Him

Heavy Duty Country: Alan Colie Talks And Exposes USCCA


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5 thoughts on “More USCCA/Alan Colie Controversy!”

  1. Anyone who goes to the USCCA website and reads their terms of service and the actual insurance policy can see that USCCA has no obligation to provide any assistance in a self-defense incident – ONLY the insurance company provides benefits. If you read the insurance policy, you will see that the coverage is very restricted. I do not hold myself out as an expert in insurance law, but I find myself agreeing with the public defender that coverage outside of defense of a civil suit is very limited.
    “We will pay those sums that the “insured” becomes legally obligated to pay for “compensatory damages” as a result of any “claim” to which this insurance applies. We will
    have the right and duty to defend the “insured” against any “claim” seeking “compensatory damages”.”. However, while we will pay expenses as provided for in PART B –
    SUPPLEMENTARY PAYMENTS, we will have no duty to defend the “insured” against any “claim” or suit that does not seek “compensatory damages” or to which this insurance does not apply. We may, at our discretion, investigate any “occurrence” or incident resulting in “covered legal liability” and settle any “claim” seeking “compensatory damages” that may result, but the amount we will pay under this policy is limited as described in SECTION II – LIMITS OF INSURANCE.”

  2. Tom doesn’t want people to “rampantly speculate” about “all these little cases” ah yes, very inconsequential potential precedent. Definitely not highly highly relevent to those who might find themselves wondering if they, too, will end up with a public defender while they’re sitting in jail

  3. People shouldn’t enter into a contract without understanding what consideration they are getting for entering into the contract. And they shouldn’t expect, and they don’t have a right too, anymore consideration than the contract provides for.

  4. My thoughts about USCCA is they are all about money. I was a USCCA Instructor and they came out with a new AR-15 Instructor class. I emailed them and explained, I was retired from the Army and served in Special Forces. I further explained, I had taught this platform; in Africa, in French. I asked if that would provide me an exemption from the class. Not a chance. They wanted the money. They send endless emails pumping their merchandise. Everything with them is about the money and they are like Harley Davidson. Everything is close to or over $100.00.

    I’m moving on from them and not renewing in April, when my membership expires.

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