LOSD Motorcycle Diaries: Any Interest?

Hey folks,

So, in a week or so I start on a week or two motorcycle trip, of a type I’ve taken may times in the past. It’s my decompression therapy.

I’ve scheduled things such that you should expect the regular delivery of Law of Self Defense content produced each day, so that shouldn’t change during the trip.

I have, however, the option this time of video blogging some of that trip, and could post that video and commentary up here on the Law of Self Defense blog. That would be in addition to the usual self-defense law stuff–but it would be personal motorcycle travel stuff, personal commentary, not necessarily use-of-force law specific.

I’m personally undecided if that’s a good idea.  Does it just dilute the use-of-force content, without adding value for you folks? Alternatively, would you appreciate seeing a less legal, more human side of Law of Self Defense generally, and me personally? Less dress shirt and tie, more motorcycle and helmet?

Here’s your chance to put in your two cents. I don’t feel very strongly about it one way or the other–I’ll be doing the video recording during the trip regardless, if only for my own purposes, but I wondered how the Law of Self Defense community felt about posting that kind of content up here during the trip.

So, let me know in the comments! 🙂


Attorney Andrew F. Branca
Law of Self Defense LLC

24 thoughts on “LOSD Motorcycle Diaries: Any Interest?”

  1. Andrew,
    Sure, getting to know you better is a good thing, and seeing the US from your perspective would be interesting.

    My wife and I want to travel some in our country, and seeing some of it through the eyes of a patriotic American who appreciates our freedoms, especially rights to carry firearms would be welcome.


  2. As a fellow GS rider, I wouldn’t mind it one bit! I’m meeting my father at the Los Osos BMW MOA Getaway the week after next, really looking forward to getting out on the road.

  3. Have fun! As an aside, can you comment on the implications of the recent stories that a Chauvin juror attended a BLM type rally where the family of George Floyd was speaking? Thanks for your content.

  4. I would feel it a good return on my membership. =)

    I’m trying to make some sort of Long Way Round / Long Way Down reference using LOSD, but failing.

    Maybe a bit of info on how and what you pack for gear, and also carry considerations as you travel? I know the latter is “gun law,” but this would be personal advice/experience as opposed to legal.

    Safe travels,


  5. Sure, I used to ride a lot, but I’ve had to put the kickstand down permanently due to some back problems that won’t improve. I can still enjoy someone else’s mc journeys… I look forward to it, along with the regular LOSD content.

    Be safe.


  6. I would love to see the sights thru your trip as well as hear your thoughts as you tour around. I also motorcycle, though now it’s on my Goldwing Trike! Have fun and stay safe!

  7. Richard Brownley

    An avid motorcyclist in the past I now enjoy the pastime vicariously through the observations and thoughtful comments of intelligent riders such as yourself. Adding your upcoming trip to the LOSD would be a well appreciated gift. How the law regarding CCW changes as you cross from one state into another would be an interesting side note and helpful reminder to all who travel.

  8. guilty as charged

    There was a time in my life when I had a 21 foot sailboat anchored in a bay. That was my therapy. I could go there and forget everything.

    1. Attorney Andrew Branca

      I’d love a sailboat, but not all that much good sailing water here in Colorado. Not for anything bigger than 12 feet or so, anyway. So, that’s what I use motorcycles for. 🙂

  9. Lonnie Adkins

    Sure. I’ve been riding (legally) since I was 14. 50 years now. Your perspective will be appreciated. esp from your LoSD POV. How do you carry, what is your riding EDC, tactics to avoid problems on the road…
    And depending on where you go, when and what all, there are some interesting events this summer. https://tinyurl.com/mac5rckx meet ups can b arranged, if you are into that.

  10. imprezasti305

    I’d be interested. I love riding motorcycles and would be interested to hear from you, but only if it doesn’t get in the way of your vacation. We all need a break from life sometimes. Hope you enjoy the ride and stay safe. Lots of people out there that don’t know how to use the mirrors on the side of their car.

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