LIVE! Alec Baldwin Trial: Jury Selection (Court NOT broadcast!)

FYI: Turns out the jury selection was NOT live broadcast from court today. At about 58 minutes of today’s show I realize that’s the case, and I switch to a quick summary of the outcomes of the 22 motions argued in yesterday’s pre-trial hearing. _____________________________________________

It begins! Finally! Today the jury will be selected for the manslaughter trial of actor Alec Baldwin, who shot and killed Halyna Hutchins on the movie set of low-budget western “Rust” on October 21, 2021.

Baldwin is charged with manslaughter based on the facts that he pointed what he knew to be a real gun directly at Halyna Hutchins, without ensuring it had no live ammo in it, cocked the hammer, and pulled the trigger.

In fact, the gun did contain a live round, which fired and killed Hutchins. Trial Judge Sommers has ordered the parties to take no longer than 50 minutes each to arrive at a jury of 12–a very rapid jury selection process for a high-profile trial, so I expect this will be a morning show only, today.


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  1. Andrew:
    Thank you for the recap of yesterday’s hearing, great job covering both sides of the motions. I was going to watch yesterday’s show, but it was a little long. Today was great, short but I will bet it covered everything that happened yesterday that had any importance to the case.

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