This was, of course, the only verdict consistent with the evidence, with the law, and with justice.

The State never had anything even close to disproving self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt, no case that a reasonable jury could possibly convict on, and despite that they brutalized this poor kid for a second time in this trial, after the initial series of murderous attacks on Kyle Rittenhouse.

For the last 14 months not only did Kyle have to deal with the PTSD of the physical attacks he miraculously survived the night of August 25, 2020, he had to worry whether this trial would end in a life sentence + five years with no possibility of early release. Then add in the contemptible conduct of the prosecution in preparing for and arguing this trial, with misrepresented evidence, mid-trial evidentiary gifts from the evidence fairy, and outright misrepresentations of the law, and from the perspective of this small-town lawyer, this entire affair was a legal horror show.

Then, after both parties had rested, and a fair and impartial jury ought to have returned verdicts of not guilty in the morning of the first day of deliberations, the defendant had to suffer through four days of uncertainty until the justice finally delivered mid-day on the fourth day.

We can only thank God that the jury ultimately delivered to Kyle Rittenhouse the justice and acquittals he so richly deserved.

24 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse: NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS!”

  1. I followed almost the entire trial over on Rekieta Law. Mr. Branca, you were a huge asset to that livestream–absolutely loved it. Thanks for everything you’re doing for Free America.

    But most of all, I’m grateful that Kyle is a free man now, and just in time for Thanksgiving, too!


    Andrew Cuomo credibly accused of sexual assault ( touching?) called Rittenhouse a supremecist and a vigilante further stirring up the crowd in effort to divide further and stay relevant. In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny “what a bunch of maroons!”.

  3. After studying under Andrew from day one I said that Kyle Rittenhouse was not guilty on all charges. The only doubt was what would the jury think , and how well the prosecution presented its case. Well we all know how the prosecution presented it case. I think they were pressured into trying to prosecute this case. I also believe the prosecution tried to get a mistrial because it does not count as a loss To them. They should have declined to prosecute from the get go. Just my opinion! One other question I have ? How come the prosecutors star witness is not being charged with illegal possession of a fire arm he being a felon, assault of a minor with a deadly weapon, brandishing a weapon, and I am sure you could add a few more??

  4. Thank you Mr. Branca for the great information throughout the trial. I hope to see you on the Tim Pool show again, I know it must be a hassle having to go there in person.

    1. Obama’s DoJ couldn’t find a reason to go after Zimmerman and the police officer in Ferguson wasn’t charged, in fact, the DoJ couldn’t find a reason to go after him after an “investigation” and you know they were looking for anything. Kyle is in the clear legally. The real question is, will some nutcase lefty try to kill him? Again.

  5. Andrew: Thank you for your coverage on this trial. You are a voice of principled reason and legal expertise in an ocean of virulent propaganda and downright ignorance.

    I also want to buy that judge a drink. You may complain about some of the details of his rulings, but by and large, he was a no-nonsense old-school fair-minded stand-up guy. I hope there are many more like him out there.

      1. My question is why is there no punishment for the prosecutor’s misconduct? How can he practice law if he lies about the law, withholds evidence? You are a WI attorney, can we have measure put on the ballot to hold prosecutors accountable for misconduct if there is not one?

      2. Well, you should cut the guy a little slack. He’s way better than I think we expected, given the way the judiciary has been devolving toward a woke morass of politicians in black robes.

  6. It is a sad situation when in a malicious prosecution like this one clearly was that it is hard to believe there wasn’t a conviction.

    Hope maybe you can cover closing arguements in the Arbery case monday.

    The prosecutor had a Binger monent today when I believe she tried to argue at the jury insturction conference that the jury should be given an initial aggressor instruction even if the defendants were acquitted of the unlawful citizen’s arrest charges.

  7. My concern in the Arbery case is the dominance of politics over due process. Maybe we should call it the Chauvin effect. At some point, when all the powers-that-be are lined up against you, the law, the evidence, none of that matters, there is no due process, and you have no chance.

  8. Very Glad that Kyle was found not guilty, but through this whole trial I kept remembering Andrew saying “Don’t go to the fight” If he had done that he would not have had to go through this nightmare. Same could be said for the McMicheals in Georgia.

    1. Kyle was naive and foolish. He should have stayed home rather than risk his life and his freedom to defend Kenosha residents too cowardly to defend themselves. That doesn’t mean he was looking for a fight. The rioters he shot attacked him because he was interfering with their attempts at destruction of private property.

      This verdict is important. Thanks to a strict judge and a clear minded jury, rule of law prevailed over mob rule. What’s frightening is that the prosecution argued for mob rule.

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