“I love the smell of Freedom in the morning”: Brownell’s ships standard cap mags to CA

Hey folks,

Just a quick follow up to my post yesterday on Duncan v. Becerra, which you can find here:

Duncan v. Becerra: 9th Circuit Voids CA Standard Capacity Magazine Ban

In light of the Duncan decision, Brownell’s has officially announced on their website that they are immediately beginning to ship standard capacity magazines to California. You can access Brownell’s magazines web page by clicking the image or link below:


(A tip of the hat to LooseRounds.com, where I first saw this great news.)

My recommendation to Californians:  Grab ’em while you lawfully can.

Good luck, and WOLVERINES! 🙂

Also, if you’re going to HAVE A GUN–and the correct magazines to go with it!–so that you’re HARD TO KILL, make sure you also KNOW THE LAW so that you’re HARD TO CONVICT!

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6 thoughts on ““I love the smell of Freedom in the morning”: Brownell’s ships standard cap mags to CA”

    1. I have lived in California all my life, watching it degrade over the years into a political and legal nut-house in sad and dispiriting increments. Most of my firearms I purchased before any licensing or registration requirements existed here. I have thought of leaving so many times, and yet I stay. I guess I’m just too stubborn.

      Good for you, voting with your feet and moving out of this ridiculous place.

  1. One of the other benefits to this is all the other hi-cap mags already in Cali are now legal. The state will have great difficulty in proving when the other mags came into the state. I hope the antis in Cali are apoplectic, they deserve all the grief they get.

  2. IMO, Becerra will push for En Banc hearing by the 9th, will likely get it and I don’t think this ruling will survive. (IANAL so maybe I’m missing something)

    1. The balance on the 9th is now alllllmost 50/50 between Republican appointees and Dem appointees, Trump’s appointments have been key as he was deliberately appointing younger judges. Should he win again and hold the Senate, he will likely see some aging Republican appointees retire or move to senior status opening more slots for younger judges (and Trumps have been more Scalia-like across the board as well). If any of the aging Dem appointees also retire there is a chance to solidly flip the court for likely a generation.

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