Chauvin Pre-trial Day 8: Two Seated Jurors Excused for Cause Over Settlement Bias

Welcome to our ongoing coverage of the Minnesota murder trial of Derek Chauvin, over the in-custody death of George Floyd.  I am Attorney Andrew Branca for Law of Self Defense, providing guest commentary and analysis of this trial for Legal Insurrection.

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This morning Judge Cahill called back the seated jurors to conduct additional voir dire over the news reports of the $27 million settlement the city of Minneapolis agreed to with the Floyd family.

Of the seated jurors, two–#20 and #36—and told Judge Cahill that they’d heard the news of the settlement and that they would no longer be able to be fair and impartial jurors. Accordingly, Cahill dismissed both of them for cause.

Seated Juror #20: Excused for Cause Over Settlement Bias

Seated Juror #36: Excused for Cause Over Settlement Bias

As a result, the number of seated jurors is now down to 7 in number.

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[Featured image is a screen capture from video of today’s court proceedings in MN v. Chauvin.]





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