That Time I Was Accused of Stealing Someone’s “Sh*t”

So THIS happened Sunday night, and I thought I’d share it.
Last evening someone sent me a video post on Facebook of someone who goes by the name Lucien Black who was claiming that I stole his sh*t. His accusation lacked specificity, but he’s a self-styled firearms/self-defense instructor, and I teach use-of-force law, so there was apparently some overlap there that he found offensive. Here’s that video:

The closest I can determine he was upset about was that I had posted a piece on the Army’s adoption of the Sig 320 pistol, with an accompanying headline that began with the word “Analysis:” It seems Mr. Black may have had a separate post on a different topic that also used the word “Analysis:” in the headline. Did Mr. Black claim a property right in the word analysis? It seems so.

In any case, I was bored so I thought I’d object to Mr. Black’s allegation of intellectual property theft. I did so using Facebook messenger, as that was the only ready means I to with which to communicate with him. That exchange went like this:

Facebook 001

Facebook 002

Facebook 003

Facebook 004

Facebook 005

Facebook 006

Facebook 007

Facebook 008

This was also covered and commented upon extensively, and humorously, right on Facebook, which you can view by clicking here.

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