Verified Graduates

Verified Graduates of the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program

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Attorney Marc Adler

Ft. Lauderdale FL
Instructor Graduate as of February 10, 2016

As a practicing attorney I found the LOSD Instructor Program to be a great re-fresher and believe it would be ideal for anyone without legal training who wishes to give their students a broad perspective of how the process will work AFTER they pull the trigger.

Steven D. Ashley

Monroe MI
Instructor Graduate as of January 22, 2016

Alan J. Booth

Cantonsville MD
Instructor Graduate as of April 7, 2016

Jody Box
Practical Defense Solutions
Bentonville, AR
Massad Ayoob Group Certified Deadly Force Instructor
Massad Ayoob Group Certified Handgun Instructor
Rangemaster Certified Handgun Instructor
Instructor Graduate as of January 2, 2017

James R. Bortmas

James Bortmas Consulting LLC
2431 Logan Avenue
Youngstown Ohio 44505
Instructor Graduate as of January 13, 2016

Peter Bossley

Columbus OH


Instructor Graduate as of January 15, 2016

This program was thorough, practical, and provided a very strong understanding of self-defense legal principles. Valuable for instructors who teach self-defense laws to others and serious students of the art alike, it will provide the conscientious student with an expert level understanding of the legal framework of self-defense. Both the traditionally more commonly thought of deadly force and the less often considered but far more often necessary non-deadly force are covered. Presented in digestible segments, students are given material in modules that are logically grouped and can be worked through at the appropriate pace to ensure that the student obtains a firm grasp before moving on to the next module. Highly recommended!

Thomas Brown

Self-defense Firearms Instructor
Goffstown NH
Instructor Graduate as of January 16, 2016

I found the program well constructed and professionally presented. Andrew’s instruction is a must for anyone teaching students about the Law of Self-Defense.

Daniel Bulkley

New Haven, CT
Instructor Graduate as of December 22, 2018

Robert A. Casale

PSC’s Concealed Carry Academy
Warren, RI
Instructor Graduate as of October 21, 2016

Thanks so much for the opportunity to study with you. I learned of your course via the Internet – but there are so many “certifications” out there that I sometimes feel, just like in a lawsuit, even a ham sandwich could get some of the certificates out there.

I looked over your materials and your background very closely and needless to say I was very impressed. Then I saw a testimonial from Massad Ayoob – that did it. Being a retired police officer, I have known of Mas for many years and have the utmost respect for him and his opinion. Once I saw that he had ‘glowing words’ for your work, I was in.

I was not disappointed. While the material (and the exam) were challenging – it was not impossible for a lay-person, such as myself, to understand and retain the material presented within the program.

Your condensing the principals of self-defense down to those 5 elements is magnificent. That is what initially prompted me to look into your offerings more closely. Your presentation of the self-defense concept is clear, concise and nearly universal. As an instructor, I couldn’t ask for more.

I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Mark D. Cline

Hitting the Mark Firearms Training
Hillsborough NC
Instructor Graduate as of October 17, 2016

The Law of Self Defense Level 1 Seminar for North Carolina came along at at time when my interest in a greater understanding of the legal issues was peaking. I believed my students deserved a better informed CCH Instructor, as well. I was so impressed with that seminar that I signed up for the Level 2, as well. Then, I began considering the LOSD Instructor program. I am so glad that I opted for the single payment option, it saved me a lot of money, and the very gracious discount for Military/LEO/1st Responders helped even more! I found the course well organized, informative and easy to navigate. The support from the Branca’s was excellent, and I must give huge kudos to them. I look forward to a long, and productive, relationship with LOSD!

James Cocking

Brookville, OH
Instructor Graduate as of August 26, 2016

Korey D. Cocking

NRA Certified Training Counselor, Armed Lady Dayton Chapter Leader
Brookville, OH
Instructor Graduate as of August 26, 2016

This was a wonderfully informative program which I was excited to take with my husband so we would be better prepared to educate our students on the legal aspects and ramifications of using self defense, as well as for personal gain. This level of knowledge on the topic of self defense is highly suggested for anyone who teaches self defense. Andrew always does a great job of providing a significant depth of knowledge while making the material easy to understand. Thank you for designing this course and making it available, and thank you also for providing the couple’s option.

Michael Cook

Daphne, AL
Instructor Graduate as of July 25, 2017

John P. Correia

Active Self Protection
Phoenix AZ
Instructor Graduate as of April 7, 2016

Facebook (4/7/16): Today I completed the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program. Tons of material that I wish every self-defender in America would take the time to get to know! Being “certified” as someone who knows the law of self-defense by one of the most respected authorities on the matter in the US is, I think, a good certification for me with ASP.

Monica Cowles

Northwest School of Safety
Grays Harbor County, WA
Instructor Graduate as of May 23, 2016

Bill Crisafulli
Sandy, UT
Instructor Graduate as of July 14, 2016

Ralph Cuesta

Firearms Training Academy
Hialeah, FL
Instructor Graduate as of January 25, 2017

I found the LOSD Instructor Program very informative. It has provided me with an indepth knowledge and understanding of self – defense law. Mr. Andrew Branca breaks down the complex legalese of Self – Defense Law and explains the importance of each of the five elements of self – defense in layman’ s terms. From the knowledge I gained in taking the LOSD Instructor Course, I decided that I wanted to further my knowledge and experience by taking a LOSD Live Seminar Course. Mr. Andrew Branca did not disappoint. He was even better in person than on video. I highly recommend for anyone that carries a firearm for Personel Protection to take a LOSD Course. The information and knowledge that Mr. Andrew Branca provides is truely invaluable to the safety and protection of you and your loved ones. If you take training for Self – Protection seriously, then you better take the aftermath of defending yourself and your loved ones just as serious. Take a LOSD Course and learn from one of the best in the industry, Attorney Andrew Branca.

Kyle Dau

San Diego, CA
Instructor Graduate as of May 4, 2017

John Davie

Eire, CO
303-641-3032 or
Instructor Graduate as of May 12, 2018

This course was excellent. Andrew Branca has condensed and made understandable a large body of legal knowledge. This work is a tool for deeply understanding, not only the judicial process and the terrible costs that it imposes, but also the practical implications and strategies, that are revealed about how to conduct oneself to the standard that the legal system requires. If you truly wish to comprehend the meaning of Self Defense then I strongly recommend The Law of Self Defense and Andrew Branca.

Rick Davis

Albuquerque, NM
Deliberate Defense
Instructor Graduate as of April 19, 2016

The Law of Self Defense Instructor Certification Class is invaluable and should be considered mandatory training for anyone that teaches a concealed handgun license class. The knowledge that you get from this class could save your students hundreds of thousands of dollars or time in prison. The cost of this course is inconsequential compared to those outcomes.

Kenneth E. Delahunt

Contreforce Group, LLC
Contreforce Firearms Training
New York NY
Tel: 917-416-5606
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Instructor Graduate as of April 21, 2016

I would like to offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks for your presentation of “The Law of Self Defense” It is certainly the most “Out of the Box” approach to teaching the laws pertaining to self defense I have experienced.

As a former police officer in Kansas City, Mo and New York City and the owner/ Lead trainer of a Security and Firearms Training Company I wish I could have had your presentation, especially as a young man enforcing the laws on the streets of two very active cities. It would have been much easier had I been armed with the knowledge I have gained from your course. Your in- depth research is phenomenal, your breakdown of a very difficult subject is admirable.

Thanks to you Andrew it is now possible for me to present a high level in-depth Training in both the Law and Firearms Precision.

Brett Denison
Aurora, CO
Instructor Graduate as of Dec 3, 2018

Barry Dickerson
Resistance Point Tactical
Self- Defense Instructor
Blauer SPEAR: PDR Instructor

Tacoma, WA.

Instructor Graduate as of Feb 26, 2019


Richard E. Doan
Chaffee MO
Instructor Graduate as of October 9, 2016

We met at the USCCA Concealed Carry Expo in May 2016. After listening your presentation and reading your book, I knew I needed to be more prepared in the aspects of the Law of Self-Defense not only for myself and my family, but the students I teach the MO/FL CCW classes too. Your course has greatly benefited me and probably unknown to my students greatly benefited them. Thank you for this course.

Ken Dunaway

Raleigh NC
Instructor Graduate as of January 13, 2016

I enrolled in the LOSD Instructor Program with very high expectations. I was not disappointed. I strongly recommend to everyone who thinks that they would defend themselves, if attacked, to read the book. It will improve your chances of surviving the legal aftermath. To have an even deeper understanding, attend a live seminar. It will help to firm up your understanding of the legal concepts involved. If you would like to be able to pass on that knowledge to others, by all means, consider the instructor program. It is the best program I have found to improve understanding of the legal aftermath of self-defense.

Dennis J. Fivecoat
Cibolo, TX
Instructor Graduate as of February 4, 2019

Don Fleming

Pocatello, ID
Instructor Graduate as of March 12, 2016

The LOSD Instructor Program is a great resource for firearms instructors. The modules on the Philosophical Theories of Self-Defense Law, Structure and Roles of Courts and Sources of Law, Criminal Charges Associated with Self-Defense, and the Criminal Justice Pipeline provide a lot of information that isn’t readily available elsewhere. Highly recommended.

Christian Flock

Egg Harbor WI
Instructor Graduate as of January 13, 2016

Peggy Grangetto

Dual Defense Safety Training
La Crescenta CA
Instructor Graduate as of March 18, 2016

John Gross

Eugene, OR
Instructor Graduate as of October 26, 2017

Before taking this course, I was like a firewalker carrying a pail of gasoline. With the knowledge I have gained, I can better protect myself and my students. I can’t thank you enough

Paul Hamers

Napoleon, ND
Instructor Graduate as of January 11, 2018

I have been a CWL practitioner since the late 1980s when there was a valid ongoing threat against my life. I carried a firearm daily for over a decade without regard for the legal considerations of living an armed lifestyle. Much like Andrew Branca, I was inspired to undertake a lifetime study of self defense law after attending Massad Ayoob’s LFI in the late 1990s. Since that time, I have made legal considerations the cornerstone of all the firearm classes that I teach. All of The Law of Self Defense courses are comprehensive, detailed, and entirely complementary to Ayoob’s body of work. The Law of Self Defense should be a mandatory source of legal education for all levels of armed citizenry ranging from neophyte to armed professional and from law school students to judges.
Without reservation, I whole heatedly recommend any and all of Andrew Branca’s books and courses.

Joseph Hernandez

Justifiable Force
Instructor Graduate as of June 1, 2016

Brian Hill

The Complete Combatant
Marietta GA
Instructor Graduate as of August 20, 2016

I try to prioritize the areas that are not my specialty, to create a well rounded curriculum. The law of self defense instructors program exceeded my expectations, providing usable real world cases and a deeper understanding of the legal parameters of self defense law. No more guess work, innuendo, or cliche driven advice. This course allowed me to layer my scenarios and drills with the necessary laws of self defense, adding true value for my clients. This a great course and more importantly, a necessary course, for all self defense instructors.

Todd Hunter

Boynton Beach, FL
Instructor Graduate as of February 15, 2017

Susan Hutchcraft

Overland Park, KS
Instructor Graduate as of December 21, 2018

Bob Jewell
West Chester (Cincinnati area), OH
NRA Range Safety Officer
Rangemaster Certified Handgun Instructor
Instructor Graduate as of February 23, 2019


Dr. Art Joslin

Expert & Consulting Witness
Art Joslin Associates
NRA Training Counselor & Advanced Pistol Instructor
Critical Defense Training
Pinckney, MI
Instructor Graduate as of January 12, 2016

I recently had the opportunity to successfully complete attorney Andrew Branca’s Law of Self-Defense Instructor Program.

Presented in more than fifteen lessons, each lesson is comprehensive in nature yet understandable and practical. Beginning with a lesson on historical self-defense law, Mr. Branca explores the foundation of what has influenced and guided our current self-defense laws. Drawn from Common Law, as well as examples from State and Federal statutes, each subsequent lesson introduces an important sub-topic of self-defense law in greater detail.

The Law of Self-Defense Instructor Program is reminiscent of any comprehensive graduate school course and compels the student to research each topic further to add to their knowledge base. Having received graduate degrees from the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois, I can attest to the quality and rigor of the LOSDI program.

Using each lesson as a source for further research, I dedicated approximately 100 hours of study and research to complete the program and outline the course I would present as an instructor. I found the LOSD Instructor program to be comprehensive, well written and developed, and delivered in a format that was very user friendly.

Gregory Jurek
Lake Forest, CA
Instructor Graduate as of March 6, 2018

This was a perfect course to supplement and reinforce my knowledge as a currently certified instructor. The state-specific supplement was a bonus! I highly recommend this course!

Steve Kalvelage

Weeki Wachee, FL 34613
Instructor Graduate as of April 27, 2016

I have been teaching defensive use of firearms skills for decades. The legal aspect of employing a firearm in defense of life, has always been my greatest teaching challenge. No longer thanks to your outstanding course. Your course obviously required a tremendous amount of work on your part and clearly shows your expertise in the subject matter. Once more, a sincere thank you for a job well done.


Christopher Kerr 
Frankenmuth  Michigan
Instructor Graduate as of February 19, 2019

Richard Kowalczyk

Ft. Collins CO
Instructor Graduate as of June 16, 2016

Wesley T. Kozeny, Esq.

Use of Force, Weapons Law, Self-Defense Attorney
Kozeny & McCubbin, L.C.
St. Louis, MO
Instructor Graduate as of April 18th 2018

Dan Kralis

Snellville GA
Instructor Graduate as of January 17, 2016

E. David Ladd, J.D.

Saline MI
Instructor Graduate as of January 19, 2016

Eric L. Lamberson

Sensible Self Defense, Inc.
San Antonio, TX
Instructor Graduate as of January 12, 2016

Colleen Lawson, C. Ht.

Co-plaintiff, McDonald v. Chicago
Member, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association
ISRA Defender of Freedom Award, 2008
SAF Defender of Liberty Award, 2010 & 2011
The Lawson Handgun Institute
Chicago IL
Instructor Graduate as of January 17, 2016

This was a course I’d been hoping for more and more over the past few years, and there’s just no better lawyer to get it from, now is there?? Yay to Andrew Branca for offering the opportunity!

Brannon LeBouef

New Orleans, LA
Instructor Graduate as of March 16, 2016

I had previously taken one of the Law of Self Defense one-day lectures for my state. I was very impressed with the depth of material presented. While I was already rather knowledgeable about the relevant laws for my state, there were several key elements I had not previously been exposed to that really helped fill a few gaps in my understanding and ability to articulate to my students some very important legal issues and considerations. Having now graduated from the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program, I am even more confident in the depth and breadth of my knowledge in regards to the general legal aspects of self-defense as well as how they specifically apply to my state of Louisiana. I highly recommend this program and look forward to seeing what else they develop in the future. Knowing several lawyers in my area, I feel confident in saying that the claim, “You will most likely be more knowledgeable about the laws surrounding self defense than most law school graduates” is a fair and accurate claim.

Albert Leung

San Jose, CA
Instructor Graduate as of December 12, 2018

David Levy

Fort Washington, PA
Instructor Graduate as of January 13, 2016

Dave Marlow

Dulles, VA
Instructor Graduate as of July 20, 2017

Jerry Martin

Waukegan, IL
Instructor Graduate as of February 19, 2019

Powell May

Baton Rouge LA
Instructor Graduate as of January 19, 2016

John McAdam

Amesbury, MA 01

Instructor Graduate as of January 26, 2018

SUPERB! The LOSD Instructor Program is simply superb! The program consists of 13 modules, each of which stands alone, as well as connects with other modules. Clearly one’s legal use of force, especially the use of deadly force, relies on understanding these “puzzle pieces” and the significance they convey in a story of guilt or innocence. The Instructor Program has depth, breadth and is thorough in its presentation. The online modular approach offers segments that are of reasonable length, are self-paced, and are reviewable on demand. Modules present concepts with real world examples with application to the laws of self-defense that are easily understood. Anyone interested in learning about the Law of Self Defense would be wise to take the LOSD Instructor Program with Attorney Andrew Branca.

Douglas M. McCullough

Stone Mountain Firearms Training Service
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Instructor Graduate as of January 17, 2016

David R. Montalbano

Dacula, GA 30019
Instructor Graduate as of January 13, 2016

I have over 32 years as a Federal Agent (My last assignment was Special Agent In Charge of National Electronics Surveillance Unit). Since 1981 I have been a Federal Firearms and Use of Force Instructor. I have been on staff at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and a Senior Instructor at the National Intelligence Academy. In retirement I am a current Georgia POST Use of Force/Firearms instructor. I highly recommend Andrew Branca and the Self Defense Instructor program to anyone interested in or currently involved in teaching Use of Force and Self Defense Issues. It is very thorough, well thought out and he has done a ton of research you would be hard pressed to duplicate! He is accessible to the Instructors and responds almost immediately to questions etc. If you take your instruction seriously you MUST add this to your resume.

Manny Montoya

Mesa, AZ 85201
Instructor Graduate as of February 20, 2018

Corey Morrow

Protective Actions
Williamette Valley OR
Instructor Graduate as of January 15, 2016

Thanks for putting this program together, courses like your LOSD or Massad’s MAG-40 have been great for the “every day” armed citizen as to the what and how, but at the “instructor level” I’ve always been curious more as to the *why* — that first module was especially educational in establishing the legal/ethical basis for legitimate use of force in personal defense.

Jeff Mullenmeister
Faribault, MN
Instructor Graduate as of February 8, 2017

Robert Neil
Aurora, CO
Instructor Graduate as of March 6, 2018

John Nielson

New Berlin, WI
Instructor Graduate as of July 12, 2017

Joe Noval
Inland Firearms Training / Riverside, CA
Instructor Graduate as of January 30, 2019


Jamie Onion

Mentor, OH
Instructor Graduate as of February 6, 2017

Attorney Ramon Palacio

School of Firearms and Personal Safety
Miramar FL
Instructor Graduate as of January 11, 2016

Bruce Pankratz

Springbook WI
Instructor Graduate as of January 19, 2016

Being neither an instructor nor attorney I was not so sure about taking the course so decided to buy the more expensive choice (money down and paying for remaining modules separately) in case I did not want to complete the course. What a mistake. I should have paid for the entire course at once. It is well worth the price in gaining a better understand of the legal aspects of self defense.

Will Parker

USCCA Certified Training Counselor and Instructor
NRA & Utah Certified Instructor
Law of Self-Defense Instructor Program Graduate
(406) 407-6662
Freddie Merc’s Gun Wercs
Kila MT
Instructor Graduate as of March 1, 2016

Robert Pope

Newaygo Firearms, Training Center & Range
9125 S. Wisner Ave.
Newaygo, MI 49337
Instructor Graduate as of May 17, 2017

Steve Ptaszynski

Instructor Graduate as of May 5, 2016

Carol E. Rozek
Pleasant Hill, OR 97455
Instructor Graduate as of July 12, 2017

Dennis Root

Stuart, FL
Instructor Graduate as of January 26, 2018

David Sanders

Ronin Security Concepts, Inc.
Phoenix AZ
Instructor Graduate as of June 4, 2016

Thank you for this course. My self defense lecture to my firearms classes were so vague, I confused myself. This is the best course I have ever seen.

Riley Schrader

Defensive Firearms Instruction
La Canada CA
Instructor Graduate as of January 24, 2016

Brenda Sharp

Spokane, WA
Instructor Graduate as of June 15, 2016

Len Segal

2A Training
Sharon MA
Instructor Graduate as of February 8, 2016

Jonathan Shen

Fountain Valley, CA
Instructor Graduate as of September 4, 2017

I first sought out a self-defense law course after coming across the importance of knowing and understanding the legality behind one’s self-defense stance and actions from a book I had read (Facing Violence by Sgt. Rory Miller). After some searching, I was excited to have come across The Law of Self Defense, and immediately enrolled in the upcoming seminar taught by Andrew. That seminar really opened my eyes to what so many people, including myself, severely lack(ed) in knowledge of what properly defending oneself actually looks like. As a developing self-defense instructor, I knew that I would walk, and lead my students down the wrong path if I didn’t have Andrew’s teachings as guiding principles. Not long after the seminar, I made the decision to enroll in Andrew’s Instructor Program, a decision I am very glad I made. I was able to go through the online program comfortably at my own pace, and very thoroughly learn about the concepts of U.S. self-defense law (and much more!), with Andrew patiently and diligently answering all of my questions. Ironically, I emerged from the course thinking about how much I still don’t know. But, I also realize what an incredible foundation I now have, not only for my own knowledge and training in self-defense, but also from which I could now teach from. I am really thankful for Andrew, Emily, and everyone else at LOSD who make its mission and services possible. They are doing the public a great service in the field of self-defense, and I highly recommend exploring what they have to offer if you are even the least bit interested in learning self-defense (and even if you aren’t (yet) interested – the information is more relative to you than you might think)!

David W. Sikes

Montgomery, Alabama
cell 334-546-7633
Instructor Graduate as of December 16, 2018

Bradley Smith

Chillicothe Firearms Training
Chillicothe OH
Instructor Graduate as of February 1, 2016

Sean Spivey

Silverback Firearms Training, LLC
Lawton OK
Instructor Graduate as of January 18, 2016

Marcy Sykes

Hudson OH
Instructor Graduate as of February 14, 2016

Amanda Robinson

Ankeny, IA
Instructor Graduate as of July 28, 2017

Ian Tashima

Lake Forrest, CA
Falcon Operations Group
Instructor Graduate as of July 25, 2016

This really was a great experience. You’ve done a fantastic job of bringing it all together into something that gave me many “a-ha” moments, from re-gaining innocence (both parties), to simply being able to articulate the relevant elements behind the headlines.

Buck Terry

Foley AL
Southeastern Defensive Training Center
Instructor Graduate as of February 18, 2016

I found the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program to be engaging, fascinating, and a powerful tool for a defensive instructor to have in their tool box.

Dr. Patricia Thurmond

Franklin TN
Instructor Graduate as of February 3, 2016

My first introduction to the LOSD was through one of the face-to-face seminars. The seminar was very informative and impactful; causing me some apprehension in signing up for the instructor program because I was concerned I would not learn anything new. Nothing could have been further from the truth. I have five degrees, the highest being a Ph.D. I can honestly say that the LOSD Instructor Program is just as rigorous, instructive, and thought provoking as some of the best college courses I have ever taken. The knowledge that I gleaned from the real-world examples and in-depth topics will help me win the legal battle and teach others how to do the same.

Bill Tidwell

Santa Clara CA
Instructor Graduate as of January 29, 2016

Attorney Gary True

Glen Carbon IL
Instructor Graduate as of January 23, 2016

I finished the program and examination today. The program was very, very well done. You translated complex legal issues into plain English and understandable explanations. Although it has been about 25 years since I graduated from law school and I have practiced business and tax law since, I am sure that I did not learn as much in my criminal law and criminal procedure classes as I learned from the LOSD instructor program. You obviously put a lot of work into the program and I appreciate it. It will help me improve my presentations in the CCW classes I teach.

Keith Tubman

Centerbrook, CT
NRA Instructor, Israeli Combat Shooting Instructor, Krav Maga Expert

J. Curtis Varone, Attorney at Law

Exeter RI
Licensed to practice law in Rhode Island and Maine
Instructor Graduate as of January 30, 2016

Thomas G. Walker

Lawyer/FFL/SOT/USCCA Certified Instructor
Walker Tactical Firearms, LLC
2026 E. Goodman Ct.
Boise, ID 83712
Instructor Graduate as of February 2, 2016

This was a very comprehensive and informative course. I highly recommend it.

Chris Warnke
Falls Church VA,
Instructor Graduate as of April 15, 2017

I enrolled in the LOSD instructor certification program in order to better present the legal aspects of self defense to my clients. Most people can learn to carry a gun, draw and shoot with confidence fairly quickly but the legal realm can be overwhelming. I often get legal ‘what if this happens…’ questions from students and I never felt 100% confident in answering. Now I do. The legal history, court structure, legal process and case law info presented during this course was on point and illuminating. I am very thankful I spent the time and money for this course, well worth it!

Attorney Kent Warren

Founder, NROSD
Licensed attorney
Bloomington IL
Instructor Graduate as of January 17, 2016

The LOSD Instructor Program is well worth the time and effort to achieve. Andrew has a deep understanding of the law and brings it to bear for his students. He is intent on making the material accessible and engaging, with high quality standards. If you would find value in training others about the law of self-defense, and can commit to the required effort and expectations, you will find great value in the LOSD Instructor Program.

Recently taught my first day-long seminar. Could only have done this with the LOSD IP foundation as well as the invaluable encouragement and reputation of you (Andrew) and your team. Looking forward to helping many more law-abiding citizens really understand the legal landscape.

Lee Weems

First Personal Safety
Instructor Graduate as of April 20, 2018

Stephannie K. Weidner

South Dakota
Instructor Graduate as of January 24, 2016

I cannot say enough good things about the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program and Andrew Branca. The material was thorough and clear. It was presented in a very easy to understand and well-organized manner. It was presented at a very high level, but made very accessible and minus confusing terms and legalese. I really enjoyed the module on the history and philosophy of self defense as well as the guide through the entire legal process. Even material that I already had a good understanding of, such as the five elements necessary to self defense, had some new twists and gave a great example how that material could be presented to future students. The LOSD staff and Andrew Branca were very communicative and very accessible. I truly appreciated that. I felt supported through the entire process and feel I will continue to be supported after completion. They are really top notch.

Steve Westfall

P.O. Box 6995
Ocean Isle Beach, NC. 28469
Phone: 910-200-9388
Instructor Graduate as of August 11, 2017

Robert Wilcox

Biloxi, MS
Instructor Graduate as of December 22, 2018

William James Wills

Trial Court Marshal
Tallahassee Florida
Instructor Graduate as of September 19, 2016

I have approximately a 25 year career in the judicial system comprising the entirety of the criminal justice process (from arrest, jail, voir dire, trial, sentence and appeal processes) and I commend the breadth and accuracy of the Law of Self Defense Instructor program. Seldom is a complicated and legalistic process ever concisely described in an informative and understandable manner. The principles, the histories, the essential fundamentals for the non-state use of force in our society are throughly explored and delineated. These modules are comprehensive and informative, and in my mind provide a necessary and critical balance for self defense instructors who typically lack an understanding of the legal process to survive in a court of law.

Michael Wolhfert

Justifiable Force
Instructor Graduate as of May 16, 2016

The Law of Self Defense Instructor Program was well detailed and conveyed the LOSD material in a easy to digest format. The course work took you from the inception of self defense law all the way to writing a case brief. I highly recommend this program to truly understand self defense law and how it is applied in the criminal justice system. You need to know the law so you won’t be judged by 12.

Jeffrey Wolinsky

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, Massad Ayoob's MAG 40 Graduate, Chuck Taylor's ASAA Defensive Pistol Graduate, World Taekwondo Federation Black Belt
Watchung, NJ
Instructor Graduate as of December 5, 2018

Philip Wong

Tucson AZ
Instructor Graduate as of January 19, 2016

Richard L. Worthey

Certified Handgun License Instructor in Texas and Louisiana
Certified Rangemaster Instructor
NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer
Personal Choice Solutions – Firearms, Firearm Safety, and Personal Protection Instruction
1480 Cornerstone Court, Suite 201
Beaumont, Texas 77706
409-210-9333 |
Instructor Graduate as of January 14, 2016

The Law of Self Defense Instructor course is extremely well written and presented in easy to follow online format separated into 16 modules with all reference material provided in .pdf format for quick access. The course content and material is relevant and presented in such a way to enable the student to easily understand our legal system, the foundations upon which it was built and self defense law. I highly recommend this course to anyone teaching Use of Force and Self Defense.

John Yonitch

Clearwater, FL
Instructor Graduate as of May 30, 2017

Conrad Zvara

Certified USCCA Instructor
Certified NRA Instructor & Chief Range Safety Officer
Certified Utah CCW Instructor
Certified MAG Deadly Force Instructor
Retired Milwaukee Police & US Coast Guard Reserves
PO Box 146
Muskego, WI 53150
414-630-2258 /
Instructor Graduate as of October 26, 2016