Vehicle Firearms Tactics DVD Course

Retail: $38
Learn how to defend yourself in and around vehicles with this awesome new online course!
  • 6 Content Modules – Including a complete firearm-related response plan
  • Takes you through all the elements of fighting from WITHIN the vehicle, AROUND the vehicle, or INTO the vehicle.
  • includes force on force scenarios and examples based on real-life situations
Access The Comprehensive Education and Training Program Designed To Help You WIN Around An Otherwise Dangerous Impediment: A Vehicle

Learn The Make-up of a vehicle and how it will impact your response, including:

  • Different Kinds of Glass and Tinting
  • Bullet Deflection upon impact on parts of the vehicle
  • ​FJMs VS Hollow Points Through Glass
  • ​Penetrating through the door

Know how to alter your movements and shot placement around and inside the car:

  • Firearm draw within the vehicle
  • ​Firearm presentation on target within the vehicle
  • ​Draw to make ready
  • ​Single-handed shooting
  • ​Bailing out of the car
  • ​Shooting through the V
  • ​Car cover, concealment, and angles
  • ​Getting shots on target from any position around the car

Understand how the vehicle will impact your defensive strategy:

  • Environmental Expectations
  • ​Defensive Priorities
  • ​Dealing with friendlies in the car
  • ​Getting out of the way of the vehicle while putting shots on target

And Much More…!