Texas Statutes & Codes
Penal Code
Title 2 General Principles of Criminal Responsibility (Chs. 6 — 9)
Chapter 9 Justification Excluding Criminal Responsibility (Subchs. A — F)
Subchapter C Protection of Persons (§§ 9.31 — 9.34)

Sec. 9.33. Defense of Third Person.

A person is justified in using force or deadly force against another to protect a third person if:

(1) under the circumstances as the actor reasonably believes them to be, the actor would be justified under Section 9.31 or 9.32 in using force or deadly force to protect himself against the unlawful force or unlawful deadly force he reasonably believes to be threatening the third person he seeks to protect; and
(2) the actor reasonably believes that his intervention is immediately necessary to protect the third person.