NV 193.021. “Personal property” defined

Nev. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 193.021

Nevada Revised Statutes AnnotatedTitle 15. Crimes and Punishments.

Chapter 193. General Provisions.

193.021. “Personal property” defined.

“Personal property” includes dogs and all domestic animals and birds, water, gas and electricity, all kinds or descriptions of money, chattels and effects, all instruments or writings completed and ready to be delivered or issued by the maker, whether actually delivered or issued or not, by which any claim, privilege, right, obligation or authority, or any right or title to property, real or personal, is or purports to be, or upon the happening of some future event may be evidenced, created, acknowledged, transferred, increased, diminished, encumbered, defeated, discharged or affected, and every right and interest therein.