Iowa Code § 704.2B (2018)

Title XVI Criminal Law and Procedure

Subtitle 1 Crime Control and Criminal Acts

Chapter 704 Force — Reasonable or Deadly — Defenses

704.2B Use of deadly force — duties — evidence.

1. If a person uses deadly force, the person shall notify or cause another to notify a law enforcement agency about the person’s use of deadly force within a reasonable time period after the person’s use of the deadly force, if the person or another person is capable of providing such notification.

2. The person using deadly force shall not intentionally destroy, alter, conceal, or disguise physical evidence relating to the person’s use of deadly force, and the person shall not intentionally intimidate witnesses into refusing to cooperate with any investigation relating to the use of such deadly force or induce another person to alter testimony about the use of such deadly force.

(NOTE: This statute first became effective 7/1/17.)