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  • Instructor Program

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    These Incredible Classes Will Make You A Self-Defense Law Expert !

    Answer Legal Hypotheticals with Confidence!


    Solve the ‘What-If?’ Dilemma
    Tired of having to shrug your shoulders when your students ask a legal hypothetical scenario, or re-read the same statute? Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to competently help your students work their way through a legal analysis of any scenario they may throw at you. The LOSD Instructor Program provides a robust foundation of knowledge of the theory and application of self-defense law, at a depth unavailable anywhere but law school (and not even in the large majority of those).
    What You’ll Gain:
    •  IDENTIFY key legally-relevant facts of any hypothetical self-defense scenario
    •  ANALYZE how the application of self-defense laws might favor a particular legal outcome
    •  ARTICULATE your analysis and conclusions to students in clear, non-legalese English
    •  RECOGNIZE when a student’s situation calls for urging them to seek personal legal advice from a competent attorney

    Payment Options Include:

    • One payment of $650
    • Two monthly payments of $350 (total of $700)
    • Three monthly payments of $250 (total of $750)
  • Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition

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    An Easy to Understand, Entertaining, and Critically Important Read
    The #1 guide for understanding your state’s requirements when using force to protect yourself:
    •  Clearly explains not just the state statutes but how the courts apply them
    •  Corrects the myths that get people in trouble
    •  5-star Amazon rated and praised by many self defense legends
    •  Many interesting, if sometimes heart-wrenching, true-life examples
    •  Hardcover! autographed by the author – makes a GREAT GIFT!
  • LEVEL 1 Core Class Final Exam

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    Do You Want To Be A Certified Graduate?

    As you’ll soon discover as you take Andrew’s class, proving your legal knowledge in court is imperative.  Certifications makes sure that happens.  Don’t forget to document your knowledge!

    Even if you purchase our class on DVD, you can still take your state-specific exam online and become officially certified!
  • LEVEL 1 Core Course

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    In 10 hours, and at a fraction of the cost of consulting one-on-one with a lawyer, you will learn how to:
    •  Minimize your legal vulnerability after winning the physical fight.
    •  Defend others and property legally.
    •  Talk to the 911 operator, first responders, and the investigative officers without hurting your case.
    •  Much, much more
  • LEVEL 1 State Supplement

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    In ~2 Hours Of DVD Video You Will Learn:
    •  How YOUR State’s laws are different from the rest of the country.
    •  What those differences REALLY mean.
    •  What you should do in your jurisdiction to make sure you stay free that wouldn’t work elsewhere.
    •  Illustrated with state specific statutes, court decisions, and jury instructions.
    The Law of Self Defense State Specific DVD Supplement is designed to provide a state-specific understanding of US use-of-force law.  It is designed for students with a prerequisite understanding of Andrew’s LEVEL 1 Core class materials.  At minimum students should at least have read his book, “The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition” to understand Andrew’s core material prior to watching the supplement, though the core class is recommended.
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  • Sale!

    Self-Defense ‘Insurance’: Explained

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    With this AMAZING Product you’ll learn:
    The Criminal Justice Process: Financial and Expertise Challenges You Must Overcome to Win Legal Battle
    Just what will happen to your pocketbook, and when, after you defend yourself?
    How Self-Defense ‘Insurance’ Programs Can Help Win Legal Battle
    What various programs help you accomplish and what they will leave you to do on your own.
    Important Limitations, Exclusions, Smoke & Mirrors
    Discover common limitations & exclusions of self-defense ‘insurance’ programs, and hidden expenses they may not cover, and things they cover that’s actually unimportant.
    Plus MUCH MUCH More!!

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  • Top 10 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Self-Defense Law DVD

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    Learn what they didn’t teach you in your CCW class, but should have!


    This DVD provides about an hour’s worth of insights into ten critical facets of self-defense law rarely covered in a typical CCW or self-defense class.  Get a behind-the-scenes look and a deeper understanding of how the criminal justice system actually works in the context of self-defense, so you can better understand how decisions are made and how your actions in self-defense will be judged by that system. As always, renowned self-defense law expert Attorney Andrew Branca translates the legalese concepts into plain and actionable English.

    Our mission:  To enable you to make better informed, more confident, and more decisive decisions in self-defense.

    DVD Table of Contents:
    #1. Unavoidable Risks of Death and Imprisonment
    #2. Many Sources of Legal Information are Bad Sources
    #3. Plain English Reading of Statutes Can Be Dangerous
    #4. Discretion, Not Law, Decides Many Cases
    #5. Self-Defense Requires You to “Admit the Crime”
    #6. Prosecutor’s Drive to Win is Our Opportunity
    #7. There is No Absolute Truth in a Self-Defense Case
    #8. Conviction or Acquittal Relies on Story-telling
    #9. Good News: You Don’t Have to Prove Self-Defense
    #10. “Oops” Can Destroy Your Self-Defense Claim
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