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Complete Home Defense DVD

  • There are 3.7 Million Home Burglaries Annually. (1 in 34 homes)
  • 1 Million of those each year are Robberies (Homeowner is present)
  • Of Robberies, 26% (266,560) each year become violent crimes against one or more home occupants
  • 40% of Robberies involve firearms and 7.8% include knives or other cutting devices

Yes, You Should Lock Your Doors and Windows BUT 58% of Home Invasions used some type of forcible entry. Do you have a plan to respond if an armed intruder forces their way into your home?

Welcome To Complete Home Defense

This is a video course (available via online streaming OR DVD) that will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and tactics to prepare for and win a fight inside your own home.

In total, this training program runs over 8 hours long and is designed to comprehensively touch on every factor relating to strong home defense. The Course is Broken Into 3 Unique Sections (or DVDs)

Section / Disc 1: Preparing Your Fortress:

  • How neighbor relationships can be helpful and important in your strategy
  • The proper way to maintain landscaping to minimize risks
  • Exterior lighting and surveillance video options and strategies
  • Securing Entry Points
  • Tools to prevent door ambushes and forcible entry
  • Safe Rooms & Their Attributes
  • Where and How to Hide and Stage Firearms For Quick Access
  • How to Pick out and Where to Place Firearms Safes to Maximize Access and Minimize Risk
  • How to choose between Carbines, Handguns, Shotguns, and PCCs
  • The best tools, accessories, and methods for staging each of those firearms
  • Analyzing different rifle, shotgun, and handgun ammunition for home use
  • Lights and Lasers
  • Improvised Weapons
Section / Disc 2 - Securing The Advantage
  • How to Use Fatal Funnels To Your Advantage and How to Not Get Stuck In Them
  • Means of Egress and the Importance of Not Cornering the Animal
  • Considerations for Wild Animals and Household Pets
  • How to Find and Prepare Lanes of Fire
  • Over Penetration - A Real World Test of Different Firearms and Ammunition in Penetrating Through Drywall and Home Walls
  • How to Tactically Prepare Exterior Structures Like Detached Garages, Tool-sheds, Barns, and Your Vehicles
  • The 5 Fundamentals of Home Defense & Home to Apply These to Your Defense Plan
  • How to Properly Answer The Door and Deal With Necessary Strangers Like Repair People
  • Why and How to Carry A Gun In the Home Including a Look at Off Body Carry
  • What Tools to Stage in Each Safe Room
  • How to Barricade Family in A Safe Room
  • Means of Escaping and Leveraging the Safe Room Chokepoint
  • How to Clear Rooms and Move Through The House to Get to Loved Ones
  • One Easy to Remember Strategy to Dealing With Home Intruders That You Can Use to Build and Practice The Best Response Plan
  • A Look at Common Objects and Furniture in The Home That Will And Won't Stop Bullets
  • A Clear Roadmap and Template For Building Your Own Response Plans
  • How To Run Dry Fire Practice Sessions
  • How to Apply Dry Fire Practice in The Home Environment
  • How to Properly Prepare and Teach Teenagers Who Are Left Home Alone
  • Best Practices for Babysitters and Other Responsible Adults In Your Home
  • How To Approach An Empty Home You are Renting or Showing As a Realtor
Section / Disc 3 - A Tactical Response
  • How to Choose Between Handheld & Weapon-Mounted Lights
  • The Different Techniques For Using A Handheld Light
  • How To Use A Light Including Movement Through The Home In the Dark
  • Retaining Your Firearm When Moving Through Transitional Spaces
  • How to Win A Fight Over Your Gun
  • Team Tactics And Working With Other Trained Respondents
  • A Review of Law That is Universally Applicable in All 50 States About When You Can Use Deadly Force
  • Medical Trauma Care of Loved Ones
  • How to Place the 911 Call and What Information to Provide to Dispatch

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