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  • Instructor Program

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    These Incredible Classes Will Make You A Self-Defense Law Expert !

    Answer Legal Hypotheticals with Confidence!


    Solve the ‘What-If?’ Dilemma
    Tired of having to shrug your shoulders when your students ask a legal hypothetical scenario, or re-read the same statute? Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to competently help your students work their way through a legal analysis of any scenario they may throw at you. The LOSD Instructor Program provides a robust foundation of knowledge of the theory and application of self-defense law, at a depth unavailable anywhere but law school (and not even in the large majority of those).
    What You’ll Gain:
    •  IDENTIFY key legally-relevant facts of any hypothetical self-defense scenario
    •  ANALYZE how the application of self-defense laws might favor a particular legal outcome
    •  ARTICULATE your analysis and conclusions to students in clear, non-legalese English
    •  RECOGNIZE when a student’s situation calls for urging them to seek personal legal advice from a competent attorney

    Payment Options Include:

    • One payment of $650
    • Two monthly payments of $350 (total of $700)
    • Three monthly payments of $250 (total of $750)
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    Law of Self Defense Quarterly

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    Get 6+ Hours of Insight and Expertise on 2019’s Self-Defense News Up To 75% Off!

    For the first time ever you can OWN the eleven episodes that aired during the time period you ordered, encompassing at least six hours of expertise and insight.

    Watch these episodes at your convenience, as well as download the MP3 audio files on the CD to your preferred listening device!

    With this AMAZING 3-DVD video + 1-CD audio set you’ll learn:

    • All about real-world self-defense cases from that time period: Andrew explains the relevant self-defense law in cases as they occur.
    • How judges in jurisdictions are deciding cases just like what you may face: Make sure your self-defense strategies are aligned with how the law is being applied in recent real-world cases.
    • Useful Q&A from students just like you: You’re likely not alone. Others are asking the same thing. Andrew will answer numerous Q&A questions you may be wondering about, and a few you’ll not have thought to ask but are great to know.

    Plus MUCH MUCH More!!

  • LEVEL 1 State Supplement

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    In ~2 Hours Of DVD Video You Will Learn:
    •  How YOUR State’s laws are different from the rest of the country.
    •  What those differences REALLY mean.
    •  What you should do in your jurisdiction to make sure you stay free that wouldn’t work elsewhere.
    •  Illustrated with state specific statutes, court decisions, and jury instructions.
    The Law of Self Defense State Specific DVD Supplement is designed to provide a state-specific understanding of US use-of-force law.  It is designed for students with a prerequisite understanding of Andrew’s LEVEL 1 Core class materials.  At minimum students should at least have read his book, “The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition” to understand Andrew’s core material prior to watching the supplement, though the core class is recommended.
  • Live Online Class

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    We’ve Got Your 6” at our

    Join Andrew Branca as he teaches his amazing
    “5-Principles of Legal Safety” and be safe from criminal attack AND predatory prosecutors!

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  • Self-Defense ‘Insurance’: Explained

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    With this AMAZING Product you’ll learn:
    The Criminal Justice Process: Financial and Expertise Challenges You Must Overcome to Win Legal Battle
    Just what will happen to your pocketbook, and when, after you defend yourself?
    How Self-Defense ‘Insurance’ Programs Can Help Win Legal Battle
    What various programs help you accomplish and what they will leave you to do on your own.
    Important Limitations, Exclusions, Smoke & Mirrors
    Discover common limitations & exclusions of self-defense ‘insurance’ programs, and hidden expenses they may not cover, and things they cover that’s actually unimportant.
    Plus MUCH MUCH More!!