News: “Stand-Your-Ground Taken Up By Ohio Senate”

This week the Ohio Senate takes up the state’s so-called “stand-your-ground” bill, with a vote anticipated in the next few days, according to this article in the Ohio Statehouse News.  The Ohio House has already passed the bill by a 2:1 margin. Governor Kasich has said he will veto the bill, but Ohio Republicans believe they have sufficient votes to override any veto.

I recently wrote at length in this post about this bill and its very important features that bring Ohio into the modern era of self-defense law (for example, Ohio is currently the only state in the country that places the burden of convincing the jury of self-defense on the defendant rather than on the prosecution).

In other shocking news, the same article continues to propagate #fakenews about “stand-your-ground” and its application, claiming:

Opponents have said the [“stand-your-ground”] bill, HB228, would make it easier for people to be cleared of wrongdoing in gun deaths. Democratic senators sitting on the committee pointed to high-profile cases nationwide where “Stand Your Ground” has been used as an argument in court, such as the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida by George Zimmerman.

Pro-tip:  “stand-your-ground” was never argued–not even once!–in court before, during, or after the trial of George Zimmerman, who was unanimously acquitted by a jury of all charges for the legally justified shooting death of Trayvon Martin in self-defense.


Attorney Andrew F. Branca
Law of Self Defense LLC

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