News: “Better Presume Your Use of Force Was Caught on Camera”

So you've been involved in a use-of-force event.  A thousand thoughts are running through your adrenaline-distorted brain.  

One thought might be to flee the scene, to try to keep from getting involved in any kind of investigation and all the accompanying legal risk.  After all, you were the good guy, that dude attacked you, you weren't bothering anybody, right? 

Another thought might be to wait for the cops and tell them everything--EVERYTHING!--that happened, to the slightest detail, and answer all their questions fully, on the spot.

Neither of those are good ideas, for reasons to extensive to cover in this blog post, but they do have one particular vulnerability in common--that using either strategy you might well run afoul of a recording that was made of your use-of-force event.

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