Law of Self Defense Show: Jan. 9, 2019

Welcome to the Law of Self Defense Show for January 9, 2019. I’m Attorney Andrew Branca for Law of Self Defense.

First, our disclaimer: This show is provided for general educational and entertainment purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice. If you are in need of legal advice you must retain competent legal counsel in the relevant jurisdiction.

Today’s show will address the legal privilege to defend against a reasonably perceived apparent threat even if that perception is mistaken, Indiana’s efforts to adopt self-defense immunity and how such immunity works in practice, a question about the recent instance of six armed citizens confronting a pair of nail gun thieves in Washington state, a second question about whether there is a legal duty to provide aid in the aftermath of a self-defense event, and finally our 50% off sale this week on our Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 state-specific course for four selected states.

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