Law of Self Defense Show: Jan. 25, 2019

Hey folks, here’s this week’s Law of Self Defense Show, with both video and audio embedded below.  Topics covered:

Segment 1: Cases where LAWFUL use of force results in years in jail, and how to mitigate that risk.

Segment 2: Another example of why the media must be assumed to be 100% wrong on use-of-force news stories until proven otherwise.

Segment 3:  Q&A

Q1:  Dynamics that can influence prosecutor’s decision to bring charges?

Q2:  Relevance of self-defense immunity laws to civil rights litigation cases?

Segment 4: Special Offers (ends Sunday, Jan. 27)

50% SALE:  LOSD LEVEL 1 State-specific course: NY, WA, AL, KS, RI

50% SALE:  LOSD “Self-Defense Insurance Explained” Course


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