Law of Self Defense Show: Jan. 18, 2019

Hey folks, here’s this week’s Law of Self Defense Show. Topics covered:

Segment 1: WA Bans NRA “self-defense insurance”

Segment 2: Privilege to Defend Against A Reasonably Perceived Threat, Even if Mistaken

aka “Awful but Lawful”

Segment 3: Q&A

Q1: Backup guns

Q2: Self-defense immunity hearings

Q3: Handcuffing/detaining attacker

Q4: NRA’s PPITH/PPOTH Legal Content

Segment 4: Special Offers (ends Sunday, Jan. 20)

50% SALE: LOSD LEVEL 1 State-specific course: TX, VA, CO, UT, NH

50% SALE: LOSD “Self-Defense Insurance Explained” Course


Attorney Andrew F. Branca

Law of Self Defense LLC

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