Law of Self Defense Show (3-17-19)

This week’s “Law of Self Defense Show,” with the topic “Prioritizing Your Self-Defense Resources” is now available for viewing at!

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Attorney Andrew F. Branca
Law of Self Defense LLC

6 thoughts on “Law of Self Defense Show (3-17-19)”

  1. Programs serve as a good review. Thanks I have your book and other training DVDs. Never had any formal training.

    I do study tactic information and do my own little move, draw, rack, shoot routines. That besides just fun target shooting.

  2. Napoleonssandwich

    I couldn’t agree more with those priorities you’ve laid out, Mr. Branca. Particularly, IMO as well, that once priority #1 is achieved, priority #2 is an absolute necessity. After I had taken lawful possession of #1 it was very soon that I realized just how much legal liability having #1 brought with it t me. I not only sought out proper #3 but scrambled to find some valid, expert priority #2. Thank God for the likes of Andrew Branca and his superb tuition!

  3. I generally agree with the priorities. However, I would insert knowledge of gunshot wound first aid and possession of a basic trauma kit as priority 1.5, part of surviving the physical fight.

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