NM 14-231 Involuntary manslaughter; essential elements.

New Mexico Uniform Jury Instructions (Criminal)

NM 14-231. Involuntary manslaughter; essential elements.[1]

For you to find the defendant guilty of involuntary manslaughter [as charged in Count ________],2 the state must prove to your satisfaction beyond a reasonable doubt each of the following elements of the crime:

  1. __________________ (name of defendant) ______________________________ (describe defendant’s act);
  2. ________________________ (name of defendant) should have known of the danger involved by ________________________’s (name of defendant) actions;
  3. ________________________ (name of defendant) acted with a willful disregard for the safety of others;
  4. ________________________’s (name of defendant) act caused the death of ________________________ (name of victim);
  5. This happened in New Mexico on or about the ________ day of ______________, ________.


[1]. This instruction is used in all involuntary manslaughter prosecutions.

[2]. Insert the count number if more than one count is charged.

[As amended, effective August 1, 1997.]