MN 11.55 Manslaughter in the Second Degree–Defined

10 Minn. Prac., Jury Instr. Guides–Criminal CRIMJIG 11.55 (6th ed.)

September 2020 update

Part II. Specific Crimes

A. Crimes Against the Person

Chapter 11. Homicide

CRIMJIG 11.55 Manslaughter in the Second Degree–Defined

Under Minnesota law, whoever,

[1] by culpable negligence, whereby (he)(she) creates an unreasonable risk and consciously takes the chance of causing death or great bodily harm to another person,

[2] by shooting another person with a firearm or other dangerous weapon, negligently believing the person to be a deer or other animal,

[3] by setting a (spring gun)(pit fall)(deadfall)(snare) or other similar dangerous weapon or device,

[4] by negligently or intentionally permitting any animal, known by the person to have vicious propensities or to have caused great or substantial bodily harm in the past, to run uncontrolled off the owner’s premises, or by negligently failing to keep it properly confined,

causes the death of another is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree.


M.S.A. § 609.205.