Louisiana Criminal Jury Instructions (2017)
§6:5 Voluntary intoxication

The fact that a defendant was in an intoxicated [drugged] condition at the time of the commission of the crime is usually not a defense.

However, where the circumstances indicate that the defendant voluntarily became intoxicated [drugged] and that his intoxicated [drugged] condition precluded the presence of a specific criminal intent [or of a special knowledge] required in a particular crime, this fact constitutes a defense to a prosecution for that crime.

In order to convict the defendant of the offense charged, you must find beyond a reasonable doubt that he had a [describe the specific intent or special knowledge required.]

Thus, if you find that the defendant was in such an intoxicated [drugged] condition that he did not have the [describe the specific intent or special knowledge] required to commit [the offense charged], you must find the defendant not guilty of [the offense charged.]

Updated: 7/12/2017