Iowa J.I. Crim. § 400.2 (2018)

Iowa Criminal Jury Instructions


400.2 Justification – Elements – Self-Defense Of Person

A person is justified in using reasonable force if [he] [she] reasonably believes the force is necessary to defend [himself] [herself] from any imminent use of unlawful force.

If the State has proved any one of the following elements, the defendant was not justified:

1. The defendant started or continued the incident which resulted in [injury] [death].

2. An alternative course of action was available to the defendant.

3. The defendant did not believe [he] [she] was in imminent danger of death or injury and the use of force was not necessary to save [him] [her].

4. The defendant did not have reasonable grounds for the belief.

5. The force used by the defendant was unreasonable.