GA SPJI 2.40.40. Knife during Commission of Crime; Possession of

A person commits the offense of possession of a knife during the commission of a crime when the person has on or within arm’s reach of his/her person a knife, having a blade of three or more inches in length, during the commission of or any attempt to commit a felony, which is

(a) any crime against or involving the person of another;

(b) the unlawful entry into a building or vehicle;

(c) a theft from a building;

(d) a theft of a vehicle;

(e) any crime involving the (possession)(manufacture)(delivery)(distribution)(dispensing)(administering,)(elling, or possession with intent to distribute) any controlled substance; I charge you that [name of controlled substance charged in the indictment] is a controlled substance; or

(f) any crime involving the trafficking of cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, amphetamine, or methaqualone.

The offense of [__________] is a felony under the laws of this state and is defined (as previously stated) (as follows: ___________________).