GA  3.02.12 Reasonable Beliefs; Doctrine of

In applying the law of self-defense, a defendant is justified to kill (use force against) another person in defense of self or others. The standard is whether the circumstances were such that they would excite (not merely the fears of the defendant but) the fears of a reasonable person. For the killing (use offorce) to be justified under the law, the accused must have really acted under the influence of these fears and not in a spirit of revenge.


Moore v. State, 228 Ga. 662 (1972) Wilson v. State, 232 Ga. 506 (1974) Jackson v. State, 239 Ga. 40 (1977) Anderson v. State, 245 Ga. 619 (1980) Smith v. State, 268 Ga. 196 (1997)


What the facts are in this case is a matter solely for you, the jury, to determine under all of the facts and circumstances of this case.