Self-Defense Insurance: Explained DVD

Level-1-Core-Class (1)
Retail: $100
There's barely a day that goes by we don't get an email or phone call asking about self-defense insurance. And I know why. It's COMPLICATED and IMPORTANT.
After all, get the wrong insurance and you'll find yourself stuck with a huge legal bill after PAYING some terrible company for YEARS just to get DENIED. What was all that money for anyway??
So I'm happy to announce we have an online class that will give you all the insider secrets to self-defense insurance as only a criminal lawyer who specializes in self-defense law can do. In it I'll show you:
Learn What You Need To Know About Self-Defense Insurance
Want a taste of what you'll learn? Here's just a few lessons:
Lesson 1: What Will Your Life Look Like After Shooting Someone With & Without Insurance?

The legal justice system is a "machine" that will consume you with ruthless inefficiency should you make a misstep. I'll guide you through each step of that system, so you can consider for yourself what needs you will have at each phase. they include:

  • Pre-Event Considerations Should you have a lawyer on retainer just in case? Should you buy insurance at all?
  • ​The Event What will happen prior, during and after a self-defense encounter?
  • Arrest & Bail How are you going to spend your time in jail and getting out of it?
  • Pretrial All the events that will lead up to your trial, the expenses you will incur during this time, and how to make this go your way.
  • Trial Where the buck stops -- make sure it goes right.
  • Appeal What if you're convicted? Now what?
  • ​Civil Court You'll likely end up in two different systems -- the criminal AND civil systems. How are they different and what will insurance companies do in each?
  • ​Clean Up So you got through it -- you are not going to spend 10-20 in jail. Is that it or is there still more expenses?
Lesson 2: What Questions Should You Be Asking Your Insurance Company?

Here's just a few:

  • When and how often will you pay me?
  • ​Who decides which lawyer will represent me?
  • ​What if the bill goes higher than expected?
  • ​What if my wife is the shooter?
  • ​What if something happens outside my home state?
  • ​PLUS MANY more...
Lesson 3: Offer Comparisons
Now that you know what you will encounter you're ready to review insurance plans. But there's so many options for self-defense insurance, where do you even start? We'll give you a thorough analysis of all the top companies so you can decide which is right for you. We'll vet the plans for all the gotchas and fine print and show you where they are strong and lacking. So you can be confident in your choice.
We'll refer you to the most up-to-date webpages that change as insurance plans change, so you'll know when and how a change in your insurance will affect your policy!


  • Who (other than your lawyer) will be hired for your case, and whether your insurance will pay for their work as well.
  • ​Insurance "Gotchas" that may mean denial
  • ​Expenses unrelated to the courtroom
  • Qualitative assessments: Insurance pools, reputation, & payout histories
  • ​Warnings: Where insurance could make your case worse
  • Choosing your lawyer & making a plan
  • ​Changes & updates to your insurance plan
  • PLUS MANY more...!
  • The Criminal Justice Process from a Financial Perspective: Just what will happen after you defend yourself, and what will your checkbook look like after each step?
  • How Insurance Helps: What the various companies help you accomplish and what they will leave for you to do on your own.
  • Gotchas, Fine Print, and Warnings: Like any other organization, insurance companies aren't always out there for you. Discover where they are likely to turn down your claims, the huge gaps in their coverage, and hidden expenses they don't cover but will still destroy your pocketbook.