Law of Self Defense Instructor Program

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Tired of having to shrug your shoulders when your students ask a legal question, or re-read the same statutory language that didn’t help the student’s understanding in the first place? Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to competently help your students work their way through any legal analysis.

The LOSD Instructor Program provides a very deep understanding of the theory and application of self-defense law, at a depth unavailable anywhere but law school (and not even in the large majority of those).
What You'll Gain
IDENTIFY key legally-relevant facts of any hypothetical self-defense scenario
ANALYZE how the application of self-defense laws might favor a particular legal outcome
ARTICULATE your analysis and conclusions to students in clear, non-legalese English
RECOGNIZE when a student’s situation calls for urging them to seek personal legal advice from a competent attorney
Graduates of the program should expect to understand self-defense law in much the same manner as an MBA graduate who takes a “business law” class understands that subject.
Our Process

RIGOROUS This syllabus is delivered through a rigorous program of instruction covering both the theory and application of all facets of self-defense law, illustrated with professional-level legal research & writing (including law reviews, legal treatises), as well as self-defense relevant statutes, court decisions, and jury instructions. The end-of-course examination will be rigorous but realistic, and conducted in an “open book” fashion.

DISCRETE Materials will be delivered as a series of discrete educational modules as outlined in the syllabus, with a testing component at the conclusion of each to ensure proper understanding of the material. Modules typically consist of on-demand video lectures accompanied by supporting written materials in downloadable PDF format.

SELF-PACED Program participants can complete modules as quickly as they like, although we recommend a week per module to allow full absorption and reflection of the module teachings. Also, students can take a break and come back to finish modules at a time of their convenience.

SUPPORTED In addition, each module will include an opportunity for direct Q&A with Andrew Branca in order to address any open issues and questions. Graduates will retain access to video lectures for 6 months following enrollment (lengthier access can be arranged on an individual basis if needed to complete the program, at no additional cost), and all downloadable PDFs are the student’s to keep. Indeed, we encourage the student to print these out and bind them or place them in a three-ring binder to use as their personalized course manual and ongoing instructor’s reference manual.

Benefit To Your Students

As a result, your students can be confident that your self-defense law instruction is well-informed and tested at the deepest level available, your ability to analyze the legal aspects of hypothetical self-defense scenarios is well-founded, and that you can be trusted to advise them when they need to consult with an actual attorney.