Guardian Nation Membership

Retail: $115 / 3 Months
How Will Guardian Nation Help You Prepare?

As a company, USA Firearm Training is about stopping bad guys/gals. We do that by preparing and empowering Americans to defend themselves and their loved ones from criminals, predators, and terrorists. We sat down with all our industry partners and asked one important question…

“What Does The American Gun Owner Need to Succeed?”
We started writing things down on the whiteboard in the office. Mostly the things we wrote down were related to having the right shooting skills. Naturally building those skills comes down to getting the right training and then doing the necessary drills/practice to build the skill.
A lot of the other things we wrote down on the board were related to having the right gear. Having the best stuff can not only be expensive it can also be hard to find without the right coaching and hours of research.
With those two key ideas in mind, we brainstormed about 30 different ways we could get the right training and tools to American Gun Owners. The problem was that most of our ideas were either overly complicated or would end up being overly expensive for the gun owner.
Finally, we figured out a few magical things that changed the game for us and you…
You see, by creating a monthly membership it is a lot easier for us to hire the people and invest the time and resources to product high-quality training content, drills, and videos because you would be sharing the cost with thousands of other gun owners who have taken classes from us in the past or who have purchased product from our website.
Also, by including a quarterly box in the membership; we can get huge discounts on the best gear out there because we can negotiate on behalf of thousands of members. That means huge savings that allow us to pass that on to you and ensure you have what you need to defend your families and survive anything.
And obviously the other benefits of Guardian nation like the free annual in-person course, the 10% discount on our store, Guardian Live Broadcasts, and the community are all rooted around us doing what we do best and leveraging the large numbers of members like yourself to make sure you have the rights skills and the right gear at a reasonable and affordable price.
Membership Benefits Available Immediately:

1: Access to our Shooter Skill Video Archive. This library consists of training videos and drills to assist you in building the fundamental shooting skills that every Guardian needs. We add to this library every month with new videos and members have immediate access to the entire library. Browse by skill or by situation. Watch the videos and download the printable drill sheets that you can take to the range with you.

2: Access to Guardian Live Broadcasts. These are LIVE video Q&A broadcasts with top industry experts and operators. Guardian Nation members can login live each second Thursday of the month at 7pm Mountain time. Members also have access to the recordings of all broadcasts.

3: Immediate 10% off ANY product we sell on from optics to holsters. Books, tactical vests, training tools and backpacks. Anytime you are logged in all prices will be reduced 10%… just like that.

4. The Guardian Gear BoxThe Guardian Gear Box is a quarterly gear box that we only send to eligible members of Guardian Nation. We send it out every February, May, August, & November. It includes tactical gear that you as a Guardian will need. You never know what will be included but it always has a minimum retail value of $114 (basically the same cost of your membership dues each quarter) and trust me it will rock your world!

5. Each year you will receive a $100 certificate to put toward an in-person class from any instructor in our network of 50+ instructors in 25+states. Class options include everything from a basic concealed carry class to advanced pistol and home defense courses!

6. Ongoing 15% Discount On Your USCCA Membership. New and existing members of USCCA can save 15% on their USCCA membership as active members of Guardian Nation!

7. You get access to shop our Black Friday & Happy Birthday America Member-Only Sales! 40-80% off top industry tactical gear and accessories.

*PLUS: You will receive your welcome kit with our exclusive Guardian Nation T-shirt AND our exclusive Guardian Nation Series 1 Handgun Cleaning Mat. These are not products that can be bought on our site or in stores. The ONLY way to get them is to be a member of Guardian Nation.

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  • ​Which states honor my permit to carry a concealed firearm?
  • ​Which states allow carry in restaurants serving alcohol?
  • ​Which states’ laws allow open carry of a firearm while on foot?
  • Which states prohibit the mere possession of a handgun while in a vehicle?
  • ​In which states is it better to carry a rifle or shotgun for personal protection?
  • ​Which states prevent localities from regulating firearms carry?
  • ​Which states require permittees to declare their status to Law Enforcement?
  • ​How can I legally possess firearms in National Parks and Forests?
  • ​Which states allow me to carry a firearm in their state parks?
  • ​How can I transport firearms on commercial airline, cruise ships & trains?
  • ​How can I transport firearms through a state that prohibits any gun possession?
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