LEVEL 1 Core 4-DVD Set

Level-1-Core-Class (1)
Retail: $200
In ~10 hours, and at a fraction of the cost of consulting one-on-one with a lawyer, you will learn how to:
  • Minimize your legal vulnerability after winning the physical fight.
  • Defend others and property legally.
  • Talk to the 911 operator, first responders, and the investigative officers without hurting your case.
  • Much, much more
Learning Block 1: What To Expect

Effectively and Legally Defend Yourself and Your Loved Ones using a 5-Principles approach.

Gain the transformative insight we'll create together that will be molded around your specific life circumstances and needs. Our goals are the same: Make Your Defensive Strategy "Legally Bulletproof."

For many of you, that goal includes:

  • Knowing Your State's Rules
  • Identifying Places Your Current Strategies
  • Leave You Vulnerable to Jail
  • Changing Your Strategies To Protect You Legally Without Hurting Your Tactical Mobility
  • You can absolutely do these things if you can understand just 2 key skills...

I call it The “What” And The “How”:

WHAT Is The Rules? And, HOW Do I Follow The Rules?

That's It. The path to Legal Safety is made by answering and implementing these 2 questions. As soon as you figure out the “What” and the “How”, you'll be secure and confident as you meet any menace head-on.

Learning Block 2: 5 Principles

Many of you have already thought about this. I see a lot of people invest time, energy, and resources, and then get stuck… I had this same problem trying to figure out exactly how the system applied to us Good Guys.

Why does it have to be so complicated?? As a lawyer it was hard to just get access to the Statutes, Case Law & Jury Instructions for EVERY state, let alone break it down to actionable principles, tweaked for each state's unique rules.

Have you ever tried searching for lawyers that specialize in Self-Defense law? You won’t find very many, because there are VERY few who have actually done the work, and of the few that have done it, even fewer ever actually teach it. But I did.

And here's what I learned:

There Are Only 5 Principles

Just like there are only 4 rules of Gun Safety, there are only 5 principles that keep us safe from prosecution.

I'll show you how to easily use these 5 Principles to make your case "bulletproof."

Learning Block 3: Others & Property

Kids make everything more complicated. Defending them is no exception. And the laws on this topic vary greatly from state to state. What you may be doing could be legal in California but not in New Jersey.

You don't want to worry about the law so much you leave your kids vulnerable. That's why your wife, parents and kids depend so very much on just two words:


If you don't already know what to do when a guy is threatening your family, you waited too long to learn.

Don't get me wrong, do whatever it takes to keep your family safe. But where does that leave them if you are then sentenced to life in prison? We'll teach you how to avoid prison and keep your loved ones unharmed.

Learning Block 4: After the Attack

After the Attack
Advice on what to do after a defensive encounter is almost always wrong. Here's my favorites:

  • Say nothing except "I want my lawyer." (totally impractical. I'll explain why)
  • ​Call your lawyer with your one phone call. (Don't EVER Do this!)
  • Don't ask for medical help unless you really need it. They'll think you're a liar. (BAD BAD advice)

Now learn what you SHOULD do. And why.

Learning Block 5: Your Personalized Strategy

You don't want to spend all your time working to stay legal and miss winning the fight. Six feet under is not better than behind bars.

And if you’re using legal strategies that require a lot of your time and mental energy to implement, your tactics may suffer.

So I bet you're asking “How can I know what to do in every situation, without hesitation?”

Here's How:

Make The Right Tactical Plan

I didn't just spend time learning the law. I spent time learning how to dissect it to its core to give you a plan-of-action for ANY circumstance you may find yourself in that is both legally and tactically sound.

So you'll already know what to do. Now just do it. That's how you WIN.