American Gun Law Class

Retail: $66
Here's what you're going to get:
  • 8 Content Modules – Including Common Misconceptions, Legal Jargon and More
  • 44 Comprehensive Video Lessons – more than 8 hours of legal consultation with Doug and Jacob, (Remember – Doug is a Top 100 nation wide pro-gun, criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor who bills $350 an hour)… ($2,800 Value)
  • 8 Action Guides and Special Resources – Get Your Gun Law Plan In Place ($97 retail value)
Access The First Comprehensive Education, Preparation, and Training Program Designed As The Smartest Way To Protect Your Gun Rights and Your Life In The Event of A Gun Law Incident

This tested, proven, and efficient Blueprint is designed to intelligently prepare you To Protect Your Gun Rights and Your Life In The Event of A Gun Law Incident.

Learning Block 1: Before the Incident
  • Do you know how to find and pre-hire an attorney to represent you?
  • ​Do you understand what you need to have done financially to prepare?
  • ​Do you have the right paperwork set aside to help your family get you out of jail?
  • Do you know what documentation of training you should be keeping right now?
  • ​Do you know the magic words to use to protect your rights in a traffic stop?
  • Do you know the 3 Existing Federal Gun Laws and Their Implications?
  • ​Do you understand the role that the ATF plays?
  • ​Do you know how to invoke the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Amendments in Your Defense?

Learn the background of the Firearm legal system and WHY it matters perhaps more than almost anything else, how the ATF works, and where the real line is between Federal, State, and local laws (from federal down). This is important because a federal law will almost certainly always trump local law

Understand the legal ramifications of background checks and things that aren’t related at all to a shooting event that could show up on your record and jeopardize your gun rights.

Learning Block 2: When the Gun Goes "Bang"
  • Do you know how to call 911 and talk to law enforcement?
  • Do you know how to manage a crime scene?
  • Do you know how to find an attorney from a jail cell?​
  • Do you know how bail works and how to find a good bail bondsman?

You MUST understand the legal difference between “lethal force,” “deadly force,” and Justifiable force and why knowing matters.

Recognize how brandishing your gun, even if you didn't fire, could be perilous to your freedom and how to avoid that pitfall.

Open Carry: It may be your right, but is it wise legally? How and when you should think about open carry laws and pitfalls you may miss.

Castle Doctrine Explained: There are so many mistakes in thinking and myths that are shared about this in the gun community, Doug really breaks it down and makes it clear so you don’t make bad choices.

Duty to retreat: Another commonly misunderstood area of gun law.
Citizen’s arrest and how it does and doesn’t work… What are your rights?

Learning Block 3: After the Fact
  • Do you understand how Attorney retainers work?
  • Do you know how to find and hire expert witnesses?
  • ​​Do you understand the expectations you should have in working with a defense attorney?
  • Do you know how to manage your employer when you are going to court hearings?

DO THIS IMMEDIATELY IF YOU HAVE AN INCIDENT: Exactly who to call, what to say and in what order

How to Properly Handle Interviews with Law Enforcement After a Self-defense Incident

The Role of Law Enforcement – understanding what they DO and Don’t mean legally is very important

Will you have to handle media?

What to Expect If You Are Arrested, step-by-step and what to do as you go through the process: if we have time, ask Jacob to talk about his UVU “arrest”

What Are Some Other Consequences to Consider After a Deadly Force Encounter?

Common Mistakes People Make When Dealing with the Law