Amber Guyger Sentenced to 10 Years

Just a quick note: It appears that Amber Guyger, just convicted of murder in the “wrong apartment” shooting death of Botham Jean, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

It seems to me that on the law and facts murder was the wrong conviction in this case, and some form of manslaughter would have been more appropriate if the “reasonable mistake self-defense” was not going to be accepted as grounds for an outright acquittal.

As it happens, 10 years is much more a manslaughter-type sentence than a murder-type, so the distinction between having been convicted of murder rather than manslaughter may end up having little substantive difference.

With respect to the possibility of her appealing her conviction, this thought comes to mind, as I shared on Facebook:

I don’t know that they’d want to [appeal]. I’m no expert on Texas sentencing law, but in many states it’s possible she could do a third or less of the nominal sentence. If she’s going to end up doing ~3 years, she might do that long waiting on an appeal. And if she appeals and gets retried, she’s not guaranteed a manslaughter-like sentence if she’s convicted of murder again.

Indeed, if serving as little as three years is a possible outcome, one wonders if she would have accepted a 3-year plea deal had it been offered at the start.

Update: I’m being told media outlets are reporting that she could end up serving as little as 5 years. 

Update:  It’s worth noting that Botham Jean did absolutely nothing to deserve being shot.

Indeed, had he seen Guyger entering his apartment with a drawn gun, and shot and killed her first, that would have been a lawful killing, without question, however good faith Guyger’s intentions might have been.

It would simply have been another “awful but lawful” shooting, with the victims simply reversed.


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3 thoughts on “Amber Guyger Sentenced to 10 Years”

  1. As you have repeatedly warned us, a jury is an odd group to trust… all those strangers, each with preconceived notions, biases, fears, homes to get back to. As one of my father-in-law’s relatives once said after a jury trial, “those are 11 of the most hard-headed, bigoted, biased people I’ve ever had to deal with.” Or words to that effect.

  2. guilty as charged

    Could this have been a defense strategy – no plea deal cause the DA would have wanted 20+, but to basically plead guilty to the jury during the trial?

  3. As soon as word got out on this event, the anti-cop, anti-gun, BLM mobs were on the scene demanding a murder charge against the defendant. The news media immediately broadcast all of this with their own before-the-facts were out. The request for a change of venue should have been the first priority and honored, but, the liberal mob won out. I understand that there were questionable “acts” by the responding officers, but it the immediate aftermath with the mob and the media convicting the defendant before the corpse was cold, there wasn’t a chance in hell that there would be a fair trial.

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