Instapundit: Our criminal justice system has become a crime

I rarely link to other people’s columns (more from lack of time than any substantive reason), but there are a few folks out there who hit the nail so solidly on the head that I’m compelled to highlight them here.
One of those few are Instapundit–in meatspace, Glenn Harlan Reynolds, a University of Tennessee law professor.  Glenn had a piece published in USA Today describing quite accurately how the prosecutorial powers as existing today have grown out of control, become subject to serious abuse, an almost absence lack of meaningful due process constraints, and little apparent consequences for even gross misconduct.

I strongly recommend reading this piece in particular, frequently visiting and/or RSS’ing, and following Glenn on Twitter at @Instapundit.

And here’s the USA Today piece:

Our criminal justice system has become a crime

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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