Off-duty cop “Road Rage” 911 call: “I had to fire my weapon.”

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Today’s post on the Joseph Walker “road rage” murder trial in Maryland covers the 911 call made by Walker and his wife, apparently simultaneous with Adam Pidel’s 911 call previously covered here (Off-duty cop “Road Rage” 911 call: “They were going to fight on side of road”).

(The transcript of this 911 call was attached as Exhibit D to the defense’s recent motion to dismiss the charges against Walker, and copy is provided at the bottom of this post. This transcript includes attribution of the use of the “N-word” to Harvey by Walker, as Walker describes events to the dispatcher.)

The call appears to have been initiated by Elaine Walker, the wife, but Walker himself takes control of the call within moments of the dispatcher coming on the line. (Walker is identified as “MALE” in the transcript, and his wife as “FEMALE”.)

For the whole story, check out my post over at Legal Insurrection:

Off-duty cop “Road Rage” 911 call: “I had to fire my weapon.”

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