Self-Defense Attorney Andrew Branca on the Beth Karas “Karas on Crime” Radio Show

Hey folks,
Last Friday I phoned in as a guest on the Beth Karas “Karas on Crime” radio show out of New York City. I didn’t re-listen to the audio recording until today–in the immediate aftermath of any media appearance I always have a gut feel that I did a terrible job, and I need to work myself around to actually listening/watching the recording.

Anyway, listened to it this morning, and it’s not too bad, so I’m embedding here to share.

It’s only about 17 minutes long, but in that brief time we manage to cover quite a bit of ground, including:

  • The difference between “Stand Your Ground” and a “self-defense immunity hearing.”
  • Why Marissa Alexander’s actions were not credible self-defense, and what she SHOULD have done
  • Why Alexander’s “warning shot” was anything but
  • Why Alexander is likely to be convicted again at re-trial
  • The application of Florida’s “10-20-Life” to self-defense scenarios
  • How the Alexander case differs from the Zimmerman case
  • The weakness of Michael Dunn’s self-defense narrative
  • My personal opinion of the Corey prosecutor’s office (hint: not good)

And probably a few more things I’ve forgotten.

Anyway, enjoy!

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense, Law of Self Defense Facebook
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