VIDEO: On “Warning Shot” Bill, Eric Friday of Florida Carry, Shines Again

This past week the Florida Senate Criminal Justice Committee voted 5-0 to advance SB 448, commonly referred to as the “warning shot” bill. I address the substance of this bill (and its House counterpart, HB 89) in some detail over at legal insurrection: Florida “Warning Shot” Bill Advances.)
So far I’ve posted up rough transcripts and video of:

Florida Representative Neil Combee, the sponsor of the parallel bill in the House, HN 89: VIDEO: On “Warning Shot” Bill, Addresses Verbal Defensive Threats, Marissa Alexander Scenarios.

Greg Newburn, Families Against Mandatory Minimums:  VIDEO: On “Warning Shot” Bill, Examples of “10-20-Life” Applied to Self-Defense Cases

Bill Cervone, Florida Prosecuting Attorneys AssociationVIDEO: On “Warning Shot” Bill, State Prosecutor Fences with Senate Bill Sponsor

Marion Hammer, National Rifle Association:  VIDEO: On “Warning Shot” Bill, Marion Hammer (NRA) Provides Historical Context

Stacey Scott, Florida Public Defenders Association:  VIDEO: On “Warning Shot” Bill, Public Defenders Testify in Support of Bill

Eric represents Florida Carry, the largest group of gun owners in Florida who actively litigating these issues on behalf of gun owners. (Florida Carry can be found at

Eric stated that Florida Carry supports SB 448

because they had seen cases where “people are being prosecuted and subjected to mandatory minimums for nothing more than defending themselves or a friend or a family member.”

(Back in November Eric also spoke eloquently in support of HB 89 in the Florida House;  see Repeal of “Stand-Your-Ground” voted down in Florida House Committee over at Legal Insurrection.)

He went on to note:

Prosecutors in some circuits have decided that every time someone fires a shot it needs to be a 10-20-life case.

The 3rd DCA just had to issue an opinion in the last couple of weeks to correct a trial court that actually suggested that the person should not have immunity for the simple reason that the person did not warn their attacker that they had a firearm and did not fire a warning shot.

When we have trial courts suggesting that people should warn when possible, and refusing to grant immunity when didn’t warn, and at the same time have prosecutors prosecuting people for defensively displaying firearm, something needs to be done.

At the prompting of criminal justice committee chairman Senator Greg Evers’ prompting, Eric also spoke to two issues raised by other Senators on the committee.

Senator Dean had inquired whether a person who merely verbally informs a potential attacker that they are armed and prepared to defend themselves could potentially face an aggravated assault charge. Eric replied he’d seen no case where that had occurred.

Senator Gibson, the only Democrat present (and who also voted in favor of advancing the bill), had asked about Marissa Alexander type situations, where the defender has successfully achieved a position of safety but then arms themselves with a gun and returns to the conflict.

Eric indicated that where they were returning to secure the safety of another innocent person from harm, say a child that had been left behind, that would be fine under Florida’s self-defense law. Otherwise, it would be inappropriate to arm oneself and return to the fight. (For what it’s worth, I concur.)

Anyway, take a look at the video below, It’s less than 6 minutes long, and guys like Eric are truly doing warrior’s service on behalf of us gun owners and legal bloggers who merely sit at home and type about his exploits.

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