Angela Corey Seeks Revocation of Marissa Alexander’s Bail

Well, Marissa Alexander simply can’t bring her self to abide by the orders of a court, according to a story from First Coast News (FCN), Florida.
The last time she was out on bail, and under a restraining order to stay away from her estranged husband, she met with him to (successfully) induce him to execute a false affidavit favorable to her defense (an affidavit he quickly retracted).

One of the conditions of her current bail is that she is under home detention, and may not leave except for very limited circumstances. Daily errands are not on that list of limited circumstances, yet seem to have appeared sufficient justification to Marissa.

State Attorney Angela Corey alleges that Marissa has left her home on numerous times merely to run errands, a violation of her conditions of bail.

For the full story, see my post over at Legal Insurrection:

Angela Corey Seeks Revocation of Marissa Alexander’s Bail

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