Andrew Branca Talks Zimmerman, Self-Defense Law on Teri O’Brien Show

Hey folks,
Last week I was a guest on the great Teri O’Brien show, and had a fantastic time talking the just concluded Zimmerman trial and self-defense law in general. (I’m hoping I get invited back sometime, too–hint, hint. 🙂 ).

I’ve bee meaning to post up here about it right away, but with the rush of the past week just didn’t have time. Now, finally, there’s time.

The link below will take you to last Sunday’s episode of Teri’s show. I’m sure the whole thing is awesome, but my part starts at about the 39:30 minute mark.

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Andrew F. Branca is an MA lawyer and author of the seminal book “The Law of Self Defense,, 2nd Edition” now available at and also at as either a hardcopy or in Kindle version.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter on @LawSelfDefense and using #LOSD2, on Facebook,, and at his blog, The Law of Self Defense.

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