Zimmerman Defense Rests, Closing Statements Start Tomorrow

The defense team continued on what is expected to be the last day of their presentation of their case. The day began and ended with a bang. This morning Judge Nelson denied the defense’s request to introduce their animated movie as evidence, although they will be permitted to use it for demonstrative purposes during closing. Professor Jacobson covered this breaking news this morning here:

Breaking – Jury will not get to see Trayvon fighting texts

Then at the end of Court today the defense rested their case, and it was agreed that the State would present its closing argument tomorrow at 1PM, the defense would present their closing argument on Friday morning, followed by a State rebuttal. After that the jury should be instructed, and deliberations begun. To see our comprehensive post over at Legal Insurrection, click here:

Zimmerman Defense Rests, Closing Statements Start Tomorrow

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Enjoy, and don’t forget to join us tomorrow morning for our live video coverage at the trial starting at 9:00AM, as well as our rolling Twitter feed of selected contributors–including this humble attorney, identifiable on Twitter as @LawSelfDefense.

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1 thought on “Zimmerman Defense Rests, Closing Statements Start Tomorrow”

  1. slinger@comcast.net

    As I continue to watch this so called “trial” with great interest, I continue to think that this whole thing is a mess. The judge does everything possible to support the prosecution, yet seems to ignore the defense. I’m lost in the fact that Zimmerman’s past (college professors & the fact that at one time he wished to be law enforcement) could be brought into the trial, yet it appears that Martin’s past is strictly prohibited from being used as any form of evidence. WHAT,,,,,, it matters not what type of person you were/are, it matters not how your mindset was? WHY is the toxicology report showing drug content in the body at the time of the attacks prohibited as evidence? Last is the super secret contents of the cell phone,, what are we hiding here. I say THIS judge was strategically “placed” on this trial. She in her God like wannbe manner refused the concept of an acquittal once, and yet on the second go round the State has failed to come close to producing even a shred of evidence linked to Zimmerman’s guilt. Sorry, after seeing this I firmly believe the trial to be a mockery to pure justice.

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