IMPLOSION: Police Testify Trayvon’s Father Originally Denied Son Was Screaming

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I just sent live, up at Legal Insurrection, my end of day-wrap of today’s trial events:

Implosion: Police Testify Trayvon’s Father Originally Denied Son Was Screaming

As the title suggests, the single most important event of today’s testimony was the utter implosion of the State’s “scream” narrative into which they had invested the last remaining splinters of their theory of the case.

Also important were some evidentiary rulings at day’s end, including Judge Nelson’s decision to allow into evidence the toxicology findings from Trayvon’s autopsy, and her refusal to strike this morning’s powerfully compelling testimony of John Donnelly.  If you’d like to see the original autopsy report, you can find it here:

Evidentiary Flashback: AUTOPSY REPORT: Clinical cause of death of Trayvon Martin

For all that, and much more–including the richly enjoyable testimony of the owner of Zimmerman’s “MMA-style” gym, click the link above for today’s end-of-day wrap-up.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to join us tomorrow morning for our live video coverage at the trial starting at 9:00AM, as well as our rolling Twitter feed of selected contributors–including this humble attorney, identifiable on Twitter as @LawSelfDefense.

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