Zimmerman Trial: See the Defense’s Witness List

The defense team of Mark O’Mara and Don West have, as required by law, provided the Court and the State with a list of the witnesses they anticipated they MIGHT call to testify as they present their case to the jury.
Note that they could, in theory, call all or none of these witnesses. Any witnesses that they MIGHT call, however, need to be on this list so that the State is aware of them and can depose them in preparation for cross-examination. This is all part of the discovery process, and the State also provided (or, at least, was supposed to provide) as complete a list of their own possible witnesses to the defense.

Importantly, one consequence of this rule is that the defense does NOT need to list here any of the State’s witnesses who they may wish to call back to the stand. The reason for this exemption is that obviously the State is already aware of its own witnesses and has deposed them, so there is no unfair “surprise” to them if the witness is also called by the defense. Absent any threat of such a “surprise” the rational for mandatory inclusion/disclosure on the defense witness list is absent.

Note that a substantial number of the witnesses listed are merely “code names”. This was to perserve the confidentiality of some of the private citizen witnesses from public scrutiny, especially as when this list was compiled there was still considerable uncertainty as to when or whether they would be called to testify.

Also note that the order of the witnesses’ names on this list in no way reflects the order in which they may be called by the defense to testify.

Zimmerman Defense Witness List (as of March 21, 2013):

[gview file=”http://lawofselfdefense.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/130321-Zimmerman-defense-witness-list.pdf”]

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