Zimmerman Trial Day 9: Live Video, Analysis of State’s Case & Witnesses

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I trust that everyone had a safe and satisfying celebration of the birthday of the greatest nation on earth yesterday, and that no fireworks were left unexpended (if any were left unexpended, deduct 10% from “man-card”–and for Pete’s sake, don’t tell anybody).

Today we will again be covering the Zimmerman Trial live, all day, with streaming video. Continuing commentary will be posted in the Twitter feed of selected contributors below the first video feed, and breaking news will be added at the bottom of this post.

During the lunch recess, or immediately thereafter, we will post a mid-day update. We’ll then follow up with the usual detailed end-of-day wrap up, including video and embedded Tweets, at the usual time in the evening.

This morning Court is expected to start at 9:000AM, and it is anticipated that the State will finish with the last of its witnesses today and rest its case. At that point I expect the defense will submit a motion for a directed verdict, Judge Nelson will deny the motion, and the defense will begin to present its case.

You can watch it all her LIVE:

Zimmerman Trial Day 9: Live Video, Analysis of State’s Case & Witnesses

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  1. sangreel@msn.com

    This trial is a joke. The MA is epic fail. The prosecution must have a skull busting headache having this Dr. Bao as their witness.

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