Zimmerman Trial Day 8: Live Video, Analysis & Reader Poll: DNA Inconclusive & Judge Nelson Terse

Hey folks,
Just wrapped up Day 8 of Florida v. Zimmerman, and things went no better for the prosecution today than in prior days–indeed, the morning was pretty much a disaster for the offense. For details on the morning’s events, click here:

Zimmerman Update Exclusive — Mid-Day 8 — State Wins Evidentiary Battle, Loses Testimony War

The afternoon involved mostly a tirad by Judge Nelson at the defense, and an interminable presentation of totally pointless DNS evidence over a period of several hours. To lighten things up, however, we do have a reader poll in which can you vote as to whether you believe that George Zimmerman should testify in his own defense. You can see these wondrous events here:

Zimmerman Trial Day 8: Live Video, Analysis & Reader Poll: DNA Inconclusive & Judge Nelson Terse

First things first–Legal Insurrection presents yet another of our class-leading internet polls on Florida v. Zimmerman. Vote to lend your voice to whether George Zimmerman should be called by the defense to testify:

July 4, Birthday of the Greatest Nation on Earth

Tomorrow, July 4, the celebration of the birth of the greatest nation on the face of the Earth, is a day off rest for the Court, and hopefully for most of you.

But not for this humble correspondent. Tomorrow we will present a post that prognosticates on the path forward for this trial including the prospects for mid-trial motions for a directed verdict, likely strategies and witnesses to be called by the defense, and how both the State and defense are likely to try to fit the developed facts in evidence, as well as circumstantial evidence, into the compelling narrative that is their closing arguments–and how closely those closing arguments are likely to align with the commitments they made to the jury at the start of this trial.

So, keep your eyes open for that tomorrow, and have a safe, wonderful, and fireworks-filled day of celebration of the birth of our great nation.


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1 thought on “Zimmerman Trial Day 8: Live Video, Analysis & Reader Poll: DNA Inconclusive & Judge Nelson Terse”

  1. slinger@comcast.net

    I have noticed a few ALARMING factors while watching this trial. I was wondering if I am wrong here.
    #1 There seems to be a great emphasis on the part of the attorneys upon “winning”. I admit that much of this was displayed BEFORE the start of the trial. I think lawyers should fight hard,,,, for justice. I see that the aspect of a fair & balanced trail seems to have taken a backseat to “winning”. Oh I am sure that the fame & fortune that would surely accompany a win in a trial such as this one would be mind boggling. So “winning” is more important than truth? Twisted priorities if you ask me,,, but then again nobody was asking me.

    #2 ANYTHING that can be brought into the trial and presented with a “spin” is. Again, we stray off of the real mission here,,,, a fair & balanced trial. Experts (and expert wannbes as in the case of the so called firearms expert) testify on & on about details that are really meaningless. Case in point,,, did Zimmerman’s gun have an external safety. You MORON,,,,,,anybody with knowledge (if yes don’t have it, then get some) knows a DAO gun does NOT have a need for an external safety by design, etc. etc. I ask would it have made ANY difference if Zimmerman was carrying a 5 shot “snub” revolver??

    This trial is sad to me in the FACT that far too many outside influences have jaded its outcome. In some senses it would appear that no matter how justified you are in lawfully defending your own life,,,,,, some attorney is willing to call black white. I seem to see very little “reasonable man doctrine” displayed here as well. YMMV.

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