Zimmerman Trial Day 6 – Analysis & Video – State’s witness Chris Serino seriously undermines charge

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For those who are interested, my end-of-day video and analysis of the Day 6 of Florida v. Zimmerman has just been posted.  If you didn’t listen to the live streaming of the Zimmerman case, you missed the most astonishing cross-examination of a trial that has been hip-deep in astonishing cross-examinations. (Fortunately for you, we provide the video–it’s worth watching it.)

On the stand was Chris Serino, who was the lead investigator for the Sanford Police Department on the Trayyvon Martin shooting. Defense counsel Mark O’Mara led cross-examination with his usual consummate skill, obtaining responses from this witness–remember, the State’s witness–that all but completely guts the State’s charge in this case.

Zimmerman Trial Day 6 – Analysis & Video – State’s witness Chris Serino seriously undermines charge

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